Waterborne Resins

Water based acrylics

allnex waterborne acrylic systems shine in both industrial and decorative coatings applications

Water based acrylic resins have played a vital role in the coatings industry for decades.  Whether used in industrial applications motivated by VOC compliance or in decorative coatings applications where low odor and water cleanup are desired, acrylic emulsions are a great alternative to solventborne systems of many types.

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Exterior durability with excellent hardness all in one binder: SETAQUA® 6799

An outstanding self crosslinking product for use in a variety of exterior trim and decking applications featuring excellent adhesion, crack resistance, gloss and block resistance for use in Decorative and Wood coatings.
  • Grain crack resistance

  • Color retention

  • Block resistance

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Appearance with outstanding block resistance making a clear difference: SETAQUA® 6756

The best choice in a high performance self crosslinking dispersion delivering outstanding film clarity and appearance along with outstanding hardness and chemical resistance for use in Industrial Wood coatings. 
  • Appearance

  • Hardness

  • Chemical resistance

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Cationic emulsions for Primers

VIACRYL® SC 6841w/50WA is a waterborne cationic binder designed for use in premium stain stopping and knot-bleed applications.   As it is a flexible binder it is suitable for use in applications requiring exterior durability such as on various wood substrates.  VIACRYL® SC 6841w/50WA is perfectly suited in a primer layer to be topcoated with either a cationic or anionic system
  • Excellent tannin-blocking

  • General stain blocking like smoke or grease stains

  • High Flexibility

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VIACRYL® SC 6841w/50WA

Acrylic Dispersion for Waterborne 2k Isocyanate System

SETAQUA® 6514 delivers best in class performance in terms of gloss and appearance development, popping resistance and exterior durability in premium waterborne two component urethane topcoats systems for a variety of applications including ACE, Rail and other premium industrial applications.
  • Excellent exterior durability

  • Fast dry

  • Robust application properties

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Hybrid Chemistry SF8000 series

New RESYDROL®  SF8000 series of products delivers unique, patented technology which features outstanding gloss,  appearance and application properties combined with good block and chemical resistance.  These products are used in both Decorative and Industrial Wood applications.
  • Outstanding Gloss

  • Excellent DOI

  • Excellent brushability


Direct to Metal (DTM) water based acrylic resins

SETAQUA ® DTM 6850 when properly formulated using ADDITOL® XW 6588 delivers best in class corrosion resistance and gloss in a Direct to Metal (DTM) waterborne coating. allnex once again delivers value added performance by bringing together a binder and a dispersant co-designed to deliver optimum corrosion protection.
  • Direct to metal (non pre- treated metals and plastics) 

  • Excellent Anti-Corrosion 

  • VOC < 50G/L

  • Outstanding early water resistance ​

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