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Powder Coating Resins

Polyester Powder Coating

Where tough coatings and eco-friendly products meet

Polyester powder coatings are solventless and are applied by electrostatic application in solid state direct to conductive coating substrates, usually metals. Thermosetting powder coatings rely on heat only for melting, flow out and the curing process, typically in a temperature range of 150-200°C. New low bake powder coatings allow application on heat sensitive substrates like MDF, engineered wood, plastics or composites.

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Powder coatings offer several advantages over conventional coatings systems:

The technical and commercial breakthrough was achieved by combining polyester resins with solid epoxy resins in so-called hybrid powders for indoor use; other UV resistant curing agents allow the formulations of powder coatings with outstanding outdoor durability for many applications. Powder coatings offer several advantages over conventional coatings systems:

  1. Powder coatings are solvent-free during all stages of processing, including application and curing and are commonly regarded as low or zero VOC systems.

  2. Powder coatings allow the application of very high dry film thicknesses in a single application pass, with any over-spray not adhering to the substrate being recollected and re-used.

  3. Correspondent coatings are recognized for having a high degree of flexibility, adhesion, chemical-, humidity- and corrosion resistance.

  4. A right choice of coating ingredients allows the formulation of coatings providing outstanding durability on exposure to aggressive environments.

  5. There are no limits to color, gloss level or special effects.

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Everything you need for polyester powder coatings

Polyester powder coatings consist of the following materials: resins, hardeners, additives, fillers and pigments. allnex as a leading global supplier, offers an advanced portfolio of polyester resins, several hardeners and selected additives.

  • Resins: predominantly determine coating performance like flexibility, toughness, chemical- and corrosion resistance. The resin design defines the outdoor durability, the curing schedule, as well as the physical and chemical stability of correspondent powder coatings. Especially our CRYLCOAT® 2441-2CRYLCOAT® 2618-3, and CRYLCOAT® 4488-0 resins excel in outdoor durability.

  • Hardeners: undergo chemical conversion during the curing process with functional groups of polyester resins providing a cross-linked polymer network. The allnex line of poly-anhydride hardeners like ADDITOL® P 791 and BECKOPOX™ EH 694 serve as specialties in specific coatings segments.

  • Additives: every powder coatings formulation requires the presence of certain additives to optimize characteristics such as: flow and leveling, to avoid film defects like craters and fish-eyes, triggering reactivity and chargeability for tribo applications. Some additives are essential to enhance smoothness and flexibility of coatings or to enable formulation of effect coatings leading to wrinkle finishes.

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The powder coating resin with outstanding flow properties

When using high amounts of filler, CRYLCOAT® 1660-0 will definitely be the right choice for outstanding flow. Furthermore, coatings based on this polyester powder coating resin show good flexibility, high gloss, and excellent adhesion. Besides these advantages in final products, CRYLCOAT® 1660-0 features low reactivity making the resin the right pick for low-reactive 60/40 hybrid powder coatings.

  • Excellent flow

  • Remarkable adhesion & improved inter-coat adhesion

  • Low/zero VOC

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CRYLCOAT® 1660-0

Do you need excellent outdoor durability? Then you need CRYLCOAT® 2441-2

CRYLCOAT® 2441-2 is our polyester powder coating resin that helps coatings to provide an excellent outdoor durability whilst offering very good flexibility. Formulations that contain this powerful resin also show good physical aging and storage stability, as well as having great flow properties, too. The carboxyl functional polyester resin CRYLCOAT® 2441-2 is to be used with 7% TGIC. Learn more about its great balance of properties and advantages:

  • Good overbake resistance

  • Low/zero VOC & TMA free

  • Improved appearance & flexibility

  • Great outdoor durability

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CRYLCOAT® 2441-2

High performance meets extensive resistance

CRYLCOAT® 2618-3 captivates with its far-reaching resistance: formulations containing our tribo-active carboxylated polyester resin are overbake resistant, gas-oven stable and also meet common architectural requirements for outdoor weathering. These extensive resistance properties make CRYLCOAT® 2618-3 the right choice especially for pre-coated metal applications.

  • Great mechanical properties

  • Overbake & weathering resistant, gas oven stable

  • Low/zero VOC & TMA free

  • Great outdoor durability

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CRYLCOAT® 2618-3

For superdurable coatings – even under harsh conditions

What makes CRYLCOAT® 4488-0 so durable for it to be called “superdurable”? That’s an easy answer: formulations and coatings containing this carboxylated polyester resin (for use with TGIC in a 93/7 ratio) can withstand 10 years of harsh sunlight and outdoor exposure as well as direct-fired gas ovens. This remarkable durability allows you to count on CRYLCOAT® 4488-0 in industrial and pre-coated metal applications.

  • Low/zero VOC & TMA free

  • Good blooming resistance

  • Extraordinary outdoor & heat durability

  • Great weathering resistance

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CRYLCOAT® 4488-0

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