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Why work with allnex?

allnex is the leading company globally for industrial coating resins, crosslinkers and additives.
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allnex offers the industry's broadest technology portfolio

  • specialty chemicals pioneer
  • Applications for virtually every market
Globally recognized as a specialty chemicals pioneer, we offer an extensive range of products including innovative liquid resins and additives, radiation-cured, powder coating resins and crosslinkers for use on wood, metal, plastic, and many other surfaces.

Serving customers in over 100 countries

  • Expert at understanding and solving industry
  • Global reach around the world
Our customers appreciate allnex as a partner who understands the challenges in a multitude of markets, offers the broadest portfolio of coating resins and adjacencies and has a global reach with both international production and research centers.

The innovators in resins since 1950

  • Innovating not just for, but with our clients
  • Creating outstanding, cutting-edge products for 60+ years
allnex research teams work in close cooperation with our clients to develop coating solutions that can be implemented faster, are more competitive in both cost and quality, and more environmentally friendly.
Our outstanding track record of innovation such  as the liquid resin ACURE® line of products, the EBECRYL® UV curable resins for BPA free packaging coatings, and a fully stacked product pipeline ensures growth and client satisfaction in virtually every market.

33 manufacturing facilities and 23 research and technology support centers globally

  • Ensuring consistent, operational excellence worldwide
  • Expert knowledge of the local markets needs
At allnex, our success is based on a global network of manufacturing facilities which ensures supply reliability and a deep understanding of local regulations.

Five joint ventures with world-class companies in Asia

  • Long-standing partnerships with leading companies
Our joint ventures in Asia help us serve even better our customers in a key region for the coatings industry.

Bridging performance and sustainability

  • Extensive line of green products

  • Globally ISO 9001 certified
We are committed to drive the efforts to use energy more efficiently, to increase the amount of renewable and recycled content in our products, to reduce waste and to engage with our local communities. We believe strongly in working safely and protecting the environment.
In our latest sustainability report, we communicate openly about any sustainability risks and opportunities we face, as well as our progress on managing these challenges. allnex is globally ISO 9001 certified.

We are a one-stop solution provider

  • Comprehensive Solution Provider

  • allnex is your expert in all resins
When it comes to coating resins, crosslinkers and additives, we’ve got a solution for you. Have stringent environmental requirements and need help? Our global expertise along with our vast technical service allows us to help you solve your formulation problems faster and more competitively.

Over 4,000 colleagues, here to exceed your expectations

  • We strive to create value in everything we do
Our mission is simple: to lead in innovation, quality and reliability, and to create value in all that we do. Our diverse and multi cultural workforce is ready to listen.

Diverse in our talents, backgrounds and ideas

  • We are based in 35 countries, with 50+ nationalities represented in our workforce.
Diversity is a core value at allnex. We celebrate our differences and are committed to an environment where all colleagues contribute for the benefit of our employees, our products and our communities.

allnex is a strong, solid and reliable partner

  • Transforming the resin industry since 1948
  • allnex has brought unrivaled expertise under one roof
A global company with over €2.2bn ($2.5bn) in revenue, we are honored that our corporate heritage dates back to 1948.
Headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, allnex is a truly global company and proud of its unrivaled ability to support our clients in leading coating resins solutions.

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