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Sustainability is a commitment to our stakeholders and a key part of our continued success. be ECOWISE™ is our promise and our proposition. We embrace it with dedication and stay focused to pursuing a greener and more sustainable future together with our customers. With our broad portfolio of technologies and sustainable focus, we are your ideal partner to smoothly and successfully make the transition to lower environmental impact solutions.

Our values



It’s our responsibility to protect the planet in which we all live. We are committed to contributing to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development. While we are set on taking further action by implementing and further developing initiatives for all the UN Development Goals, we are already able to make a significant impact in three key areas with existing measures and processes we have in place.


  • UNSDG n°7: Affordable and Clean Energy - Improving efficiency and increasing our use of renewable sources

  • UNSDG n°12: Responsible Consumption and Production - Reducing our ecological footprint

  • UNSDG n°13: Climate Action - Limiting our impact on climate change





As a coating resin company, we are focused on delivering eco-friendly solutions in the industrial coatings area and helping our customers to stay ahead of continually evolving regulations. By increasing the use of sustainable raw materials, which is a key focus area of our R&D strategy, we are able to not only deliver safe solutions to our customers, but also help them supply new coating solutions to the market through our portfolio of green technologies.


At allnex, we are aiming to "Be the catalyst of a greener future". We are developing a sustainable portfolio management system to help the business grow in a focused and sustainable way. To us, greener technologies mean delivering more environmentally-friendly solutions, substituting substances of high impact to the environment, utilizing sustainable and renewable raw materials, and formulating products that allow for lower energy consumption and result in greater longevity of the objects they are used for.


Together, we can help shift our industry toward a more sustainable future.




allnex has a very long history of pioneering but also supporting innovative sustainable solutions.  We have for instance been a pioneer in developing waterborne coating resins starting as early as 1960.

We have processes in place that encourage green-focused product development and promote open collaboration and partnerships with external parties.


allnex believes that R&D is fundamental to our continued success as it supports our customers’ businesses today and creates sustainable coating solutions for our industry for the future. Our talented and experienced R&D network is dedicated to supporting our customers by delivering new products that tick all the boxes: improve performance, increase productivity, and provide a more sustainable solution.


Valuing fresh perspectives, new insights and ideas among our workforce is also instrumental in keeping this heritage of green innovation alive. The allnex Allstar Awards are presented to individuals or teams who have gone the extra mile in that respect and achieved excellent results whilst demonstrating their commitment to our Core Values and Cultural Priorities.




We assess options in the context of the market and geographies we operate in, and we make sure to offer the best solution possible to drive the change to more environmentally- friendly options.


We also know that the key to delivering innovative products is to understand and respond to our customers’ needs and challenges. By listening to our customers, identifying trends in the market place, and understanding the specifics of our customers’ challenges, we make sure that we are undertaking development activities that deliver commercially-viable solutions.


We see our value as providing solutions to our customers to meet the challenges brought about by more and more environmental and regulatory trends.


Our sustainability vision and strategy



"We want to contribute to a greener world by making circular thinking the core principle of how we do business. We aim to achieve this by designing products with enhanced longevity or intended for multiple uses, increasing resources’ productivity as well as reducing the use of finite sources."- Miguel Mantas, allnex CEO

We strongly believe in the power of the Circular Economy because it aims at reducing the environmental burden through the valorization of every material flow.

To translate this ambition in concrete actions we have joined Circle Economy a global community working with businesses, cities and governments to identify opportunities to make the transition to the circular economy, and provide a powerful combination of practical and scalable solutions to turn these opportunities into reality.

allnex is thrilled to announce that we have achieved the prestigious Platinum Rating from EcoVadis for Sustainability, placing us in the top 1% of assessed companies!




We are committed to improving our performance in terms of sustainability, by taking action on five high priority areas, both from a product and process standpoint.



This underlines our commitment to delivering quality, eco-friendly and safe products to our customers, as well as doing the right thing for the planet as a company. Our five sustainability pillars encompass:



We aim to minimize the use of finite resources and reduce the impact on climate change by looking at renewable alternatives for raw materials and energy we use.


Nearly 5% of all the raw materials we source come from renewable materials and we are doing everything we can to expand the use of these materials. In parallel to this, we explore renewable energy sourcing options for our sites, selecting the best-fit solutions for the different locations we operate in.


Our broad bio-based resins offer includes products containing natural oils such as seed oils, starch, straw, or wood, for a wide range of applications and performance levels. From a renewable energy perspective, we are proud to report that nearly 97% of the energy consumed in Norway is supported by hydroelectric power, which is one of the most sustainable energy sources available (3g CO2/KWh).




We are committed to making the substitution of potentially harmful chemicals with safer options one of our top priorities.


To that end, we constantly scan the market for safer materials we could use. Underpinning this commitment is a significant investment by our R&D community to develop next generation system solutions which span multiple technology areas.


We have already made significant progress in this area and have multiple new system solutions available for our customers to use today. Furthermore, we are also working with our PSRA team to ensure that the substances we use are properly labelled and registered, and that we comply with – and often go beyond the set requirements of - all the latest regulations. Fitting in this category are all our tin-free, formaldehyde-free, BPA-NI products, our ACURE® technology, as well as our Total Organic Carbon (TOC) emission reduction process.



We focus on reducing emissions of Volatile Organic Solvents across the product lifecycle to protect people and the environment.


We continuously strive to support the industry in complying with the latest legislation requirements and in encouraging it to go even further by raising its ambitions when it comes to emissions reduction.


Our technology portfolio includes low and zero VOC options - across waterborne, high solids, powder and energy-curable product ranges - and we have initiated a variety of technological solutions to reduce volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions at our manufacturing sites.​




We design our product and manufacturing processes to achieve the highest efficiency in energy utilization across the product lifecycle.


This means that we think of ways of reducing the amount of energy needed to the sourcing, manufacturing and use of our resins in formulated products and ultimately, on the coated objects themselves.


Examples of our positive impact on energy use delivered through our resin innovation include the compact process, low temperature cure solutions, and our unique ACURE® technology innovation. Over the last 9 years we have continually reduced our energy intensity with a decrease of more than 15% (MWH/ton) in this period of time.



We explore options to limit the consumption of resources, keep them in use as long as possible, and finally then recover and recycle them at the end of service life.


Under the circular economy area, we dedicate special effort to renewable sourcing and energy efficiency.


Our initiatives in this field include our recycled PET products and solutions that allow for increased product durability and lifecycle. From a process standpoint, we are able to make a great leap forward with our solvent recovery from waste stream process.


We have implemented targets for our company as a whole to meet through 2023.

  • We will dedicate annually 90% of corporate product development resources to projects making a positive impact on the environment

  • We will reduce non-renewable energy purchases by 15% in 5 years, measured by consumption per ton of product

  • We will produce >40% of production volume under ISO50001 certification by 2023

In addition, we have committed to set the basis in 2019 and 2020 for taking further steps in making an ongoing sustainable impact:

  • We will map sustainable sourcing options for renewable, recycled and lower carbon footprint materials

  • We will implement sustainable product portfolio management practices

  • We will develop a waste & water consumption tracking system

Products & Innovation



Developing green, unique chemistry does not just happen. It takes making the right connections between your requirements, evolving industry standards and market trends and our longstanding expertise as a specialty chemicals pioneer to deliver a unique, environmentally-friendly solution catered to your needs. Through constant innovation in a wide array of resin technologies, our global footprint, outstanding customer support and the industry’s broadest product portfolio, we hold a unique position to support formulators in developing new green, high-performance and cost-effective coating solutions that will reach the market quickly. Together we can shift the global paints and coatings industry towards sustainable products. One molecule at a time.

Benoit De Becker
VP Strategy & Innovation

Through the Sustainable Portfolio Management we aim to continuously drive our product innovation towards a positive environmental impact and to unveil the ECOWISETM value of our product offer. We categorize our products by analysing their sustainable benefits and challenges, using a fact-based methodology. The sustainability assessment refers to the five sustainability pillars of allnex: renewable sourcing, safer materials, air emissions, circular economy, and energy efficiency- and the specific requirements of regulatory and certification embodies and includes key industry players relevant for the Industrial wood market.

Our ECOWISE™ CHOICE portfolio is the answer to the need for measurable sustainability performance assessments, in a specific market and application context and is especially designed to deliver the greatest combined value for our customers, the society and the environment. It is a testament to our pledge to pursue a more sustainable future with our stakeholders – to be ECOWISE together.

Read more about ECOWISE™ CHOICE

As a global resin supplier sensitive to the importance of unique regional performance demands, allnex has 23 technical centers across the world so that your new coatings developments work far beyond your local laboratory conditions but also across multiple layer and application situations in multiple environmental domains. As allnex supplies the widest variety of resins in the industry, we have the capability of testing total paint system solutions from basecoat-clearcoat to primer-topcoat, we’re looking at system performance as that’s what’s important to our customers. Since allnex is one of the few resin companies doing innovative research we don’t only offer incremental improvements we offer sustainable, breakthrough technologies for the betterment of our customers, our environment and society as a whole.




Sustainable resins are moving from the buzz to reality. Many of our customers are intent on delivering greener products to the marketplace, and we’ve responded to support their efforts with high quality solutions. Our research & development team uses the principles of green chemistry to improve products. Today, a significant share of our R&D projects is focused on developing sustainable solutions to our clients. We continually strive to increase the percentage of renewable, recycled, and non-harmful feedstocks in our products as well as to increase the breadth of products in which these materials are used.


The examples below illustrate allnex concrete commitment to the development of sustainable solutions for our customers.




Setathane hydrophobic polyols made of natural oils


allnex produces an important line of SETATHANE® “Hydrophobic Polyols” used in self levelling compounds and topcoats in industrial flooring applications.  The most predominant raw materials in these binders is by far natural oils like soybean and castor oil and as they are relatively low in viscosity are offered at either 100% solids or in water.  As these materials are obviously so very green friendly, we’re doing everything we can to expand their application and utility windows so that their use is expanded and they take share from other less green binders in adjacent flooring system layers.


EBECRYL® radiation curing resins with high bio-based content


The demand for bio-based content in radiation curing resins is increasing, among other thanks to the market pull created by some brand owners. EBECRYL 5850 is a high performing acrylated UV resin with 56% renewable content, fit for LED curing thanks to its high reactivity, combining excellent thermal and mechanical properties with low viscosity.






ACURE is a truly novel, 2k, high solids, non-isocyanate  topcoat system with remarkable cure speed. ACURE enables the formulation of coatings with unparalleled dry speed with long pot lives. Customers using ACURE are able to provide their customers with truly differentiated coating solutions which are Eco and worker friendly and provide significant energy and capital cost, line speed and environmental benefits.  


Easy Cure Waterborne Epoxy systems


allnex focuses intensely on waterborne primer systems and our Easy Cure system provides an excellent alternative for solvent borne systems having as a waterborne product truly unique dry time capabilities.  Primers based on Easy Cure systems are faster to sand and handle yet still provide excellent corrosion resistance and metal protection. The development of next generation waterborne primer systems remains an innovation focal point for Allnex R&D centers.


Self-curing EBECRYL® LEO resins


Self-curing resins including EBECRYL LEO 10103 can be used to replace photoinitiators which may migrate for food packaging applications.  Self-curing resins participate in the UV or EB cross-linking thus become part of the cured coating or ink. 


Tin-free CRYLCOAT® and SETAPOLL® powder coating resins


We have a range of CRYLCOAT and SETAPOLL polyesters which do not use tin compounds during their manufacture. SETAPOLL™ SP211 and CRYLCOAT E04430 are just two examples of tin-free resins designed for Primid cure, outdoor applications. Tin-free hybrids for indoor applications are also available.  


Formaldehyde-free CYMEL ® crosslinking resins


CYMEL NF formaldehyde free resins such as CYMEL® NF 3030 which is a solvent- and formaldehyde-free crosslinker designed for water-based coatings. This product is an acid-catalyzed alternative to isocyanates and does not contain or emit formaldehyde during cure. It provides longer two-component pot life compared with isocyanate systems while providing high performance finished coating properties with respect to hardness, chemical resistance, and finish appearance.


BPA-free EBECRYL® radiation curing resins for packaging inks


EBECRYL® radiation curing resins for BPA-free applications - such as EBECRYL 876 which is a polyester acrylate blend - can be used for replacing epoxy in BPA or BADGE containing coating formulas. Key end use benefits of using this resin include excellent coating flexibility and chemical resistance. Additional features of this product include matching epoxy viscosity, reactivity, gloss and solvent/scratch resistance. 




FAST (FC) curing 2k acrylic polyol systems


Focusing on today’s workhorse 2k acrylic polyol systems, allnex has devised multiple ways to significantly enhance the dry speed of 2k coatings systems with no detrimental effects, not in exterior durability nor certainly in pot life.  We refer to the systems as FAST or FC and are developing product platforms which address the unique requirements of not only all major market segments like Vehicle Refinish or Marine & Protective or Agriculture and Construction but also for the different systems used in these regions.  Reduced dry speed in “OEM” applications in particular means reduced energy consumption or reduced factory footprint both of which benefit the environment.


Low temperature cure CYMEL® amino resins


CYMEL aminos for low temperature cure applications such as CYMEL® XW 3106 which is an ultra-low free formaldehyde melamine resin formulated specifically for 2k solvent-borne ambient cure or low bake systems in which low temperature cure (<100C) characteristics are desired. It is an alternative to isocyanate-based systems and is ideal for temperature sensitive substrates such as plastics, consumer electronics and low bake industrial metals.


Low bake CRYLCOAT® powder resins


A range of CRYLCOAT® resins have been designed to cure between 20-50C below standard curing temperatures.  Examples are CRYLCOAT® 1501-6 for application on MDF curing 130C and CRYLCOAT® 2696-3 curing 160C with Primid for outdoor applications. 


EBECRYL® booster resin for LED curing


UV LED is fast becoming the new standard for all types of energy cured inks and coatings.  EBECRYL LED series of products including EBECRYL LED 03 boost surface cure by reducing oxygen inhibition.  This product is especially effective for flexo and inkjet inks as well as overprint varnishes allowing faster reactivity with better adhesion to non-porous substrates like plastic.    




Longer steel lifecycle thanks to the BECKOPOX® waterborne epoxy primers


Extending a coating’s life is often only thought of at the topcoat level. However, when it comes to protecting steel in an outdoor environment, all the heavy lifting is ultimately done by the primer. Solventborne primers have traditionally provided the best performance in this area however allnex has and continues to advance some of the best waterborne epoxy primers, in particular via our BECKOPOX® EH waterborne epoxy hardeners, in the business.  Realizing longer life cycles of coated steel through more corrosion resistant waterborne primers will remain a focal point within allnex research portfolios. 


Superdurable CRYLCOAT® polyester powder resins


CRYLCOAT® 4442-2 and CRYLCOAT® 4488-0 are examples of superdurable polyester resins for TGIC cure. These resins are designed to have extended weathering performance typically for ACE and Architectural applications.

Our footprint

The prerequisite to our successful sustainability program is world-class management of our compliance activities by allnex’s outstanding safety, health, and environment (SHE) team. Our global SHE policy reiterates our commitment to the environment which we recognize as an essential element of being the leading coating resins company.  


Twenty seven of our facilities have environmental managements systems certified to ISO 14001. In addition, allnex has implemented a global SHE Management System (SHE MS) which incorporates manufacturing, laboratories, headquarters, and support functions. We conduct internal audits, monitor findings, and evaluate solutions via a centralized best practice corrective action register. The Global SHE Management System is facilitating the new allnex through integrated SHE action plans, standards and incident reporting.


Our internal scorecard contains a number of metrics tracked monthly to monitor performance, take corrective action for safety and compliance matters, and focus on continuous improvement at our facilities. We are identifying root causes of environmental challenges in order to prevent them and achieve zero violations and permit excursions in the future.

Primavera Initiative

 In 2019 we launched our Primavera Initiative, which supports our renewed, global focus of contributing to a greener, more sustainable future together with our customers.
Primavera Day, affirmed that sustainability is an integral part of allnex and a pillar of our strategy. From improved recycling to community outreach programs, increased efficiency to responsible consumption, each of our 33 production sites acted to prioritize sustainability.
In 2020 we have engaged all site in a year long initiative with Waste reduction as central theme and final objective.



We use a variety of energy forms in our operations. We consume electricity from the grid, we combust natural gas, fuel oil, and diesel fuel on-site and we purchase steam from neighboring operations. Energy is a critical input to making high-quality products. We understand that non-renewable fuels deplete natural resources and cause pollution, so we continuously strive for more efficient use of energy in our operations.


For the third consecutive year, we have achieved more output per unit of energy than the year before, and have achieved over 15% reduction in energy per unit production since 2010. We used 1.28 megawatt hours of energy per metric ton of production in 2016.


Within the new allnex we now have five sites with ISO 50001 (Energy management) certification: Bitterfeld, Drogenbos, Hamburg, Lillestrøm, Romano d’Ezzelino and Schoonaarde. We are examining the energy management systems at these facilities in order to learn and adapt smart energy management practices to our other facilities.


Energy management and conservation requires continuous management and improvement. Going forward allnex will systematically examine energy use at our facilities and develop a strategic plan for energy management and efficiency improvements.




Water is a vital resource to all life on our planet. Continued quality and availability of water is essential to our operations as well as the communities in which we operate. We have begun an evaluation of water risk at our sites using the World Resources Institute Aqueduct tool to identify which sites may have the highest water risk. Initial results show that two of our sites are in areas with medium to high overall water risk. We will investigate the site details to determine the issues behind that rating and how to manage specific risks.


In 2016, allnex consumed 4.9 million cubic meters of water from various sources. Going forward, we will attempt to map the water source type(s) at each facility in order to better understand our water footprint and devise a water management approach that recognizes facility conditions.




In line with the material efficiency principles of green chemistry, we aim to reduce waste in our processes as much as possible. Our first focus is on source reduction.


After source reduction, we strive to divert waste from landfill. This includes recycling programs at our facilities. We are working toward more consistent measurement of waste and recycling amounts at our facilities so that we can understand our baseline and identify targeted areas for improvement going forward. 


None of our incidents in 2016 had significant environmental impacts, thanks to our equipment, processes and procedures. We have strict procedures in place to avoid spills at our facilities. When spills do occur, we record them and monitor our response to enhance continuous improvement processes. allnex has a very strict tracking mechanism so that each environmental incident is recorded and analyzed. Despite our best efforts, we recorded 10 incidents where one pound (454 g) or more of substance was accidentally released to the environment. 21 incidents occurred where 200 kg or more of substance was released to containment. Adequate emergency procedures prevented further harm in all cases.


As releases may potentially occur onsite, during transport or at a customer facility, we have dedicated emergency response procedures and people available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to receive calls about product spills and to provide information on corrective actions for any possible type of spill.




allnex uses a variety of emissions control technologies to minimize air emissions from our facilities. Our facilities combust a variety of fossil fuels resulting in emissions of greenhouse gases, sulfur oxides, and nitrogen oxides. As we’ve decreased our energy intensity over time, our fuel-related air emissions have similarly declined. We track our fuel consumption and emissions at all of our facilities.


Our Lillestrøm (Norway) manufacturing facility achieved ISO 50001 certification in 2014 and subsequently reduced energy consumption by 6,720 MWh, which corresponds to a reduction of 605 metric tons CO2.


We have initiated a variety of technological solutions to reduce volatile organic compound emissions. In 2016, allnex invested in improved abatement equipment at four facilities – Fengxian (China), Hamburg (Germany), Rayong (Thailand), and Wacol (Australia). Furthermore, additional offgas abatement projects have been initiated at our production plants in Foshan (China), Suzhou (China) and Silvertown (UK) (to be completed in 2017-2018).


The abatement equipment in Wacol is just one part of a series of upgrades to the high temperature plant. The plant has installed a state of the art reactor, incinerator, and oil heater. To increase energy efficiency, the waste heat from the incinerator is fed into the oil heater. The plant expects significant natural gas savings equating to a reduction of approximately 640 metric tons CO2 per year.




The health and safety of our suppliers, customers’ employees and consumers are as important as those of our own people.


What we do for our employees


Employees are the heart of allnex. Their health and safety is paramount and prevention of injuries and exposure is embedded in our policies and processes. At allnex, we take pride in running dedicated risk assessments and site programs to address behaviors impacting the SHE performance with focus on chemical contact prevention, forklift safety, contractor management, laboratory safety, spill prevention, and overall housekeeping.


Twenty one of our manufacturing facilities have occupational health and safety managements systems certified to OHSAS 18001. allnex recordable injury rates are among the best-in-class as demonstrated by companies in the American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care® program4, and two-thirds less than the chemical industry average. While any injuries are a problem and we strive for zero, comparisons to our peers help gauge our progress in safety performance.


Our main challenges are chemical contact and exposure during product transfers, incidents from routine and non-routine activities, and slip, trip and fall hazards. We are implementing several programs such as standard basic safety rules, focus on contractors, job safety assessments, safe work practices, personal protective equipment, and promoting a culture of safety.


allnex has also developed the Chemical Exposure Risk Assessment (CERA) methodology to prevent long term exposures through mitigation at the source. Recognized by regulators around the world as a best-in-class method, we are implementing CERA globally. Because action items resulting from CERA can take up to five years to be implemented, we expect to achieve and showcase beneficial outcomes to our team in the future.


As far as process safety is concerned, we continue and enhance our worldwide process hazards assessment program though monitoring both leading and lagging indicators, gap analysis, training, peer review of environmental and pressure relief scenarios, and capital investments.


What we do for our customers and downstream users


We provide our customers with Safety Data Sheets that comply with the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS), and we address all other requirements in terms of product handling, shipping and labeling, in accordance with the relevant legislation and regulatory framework in each country. We also provide our customers with specific advice and guidance on how to safely handle our products, personal protection, exposure mitigation and exposure management.


Furthermore, we support our customers and other downstream users in ensuring the safety and the compliance of their formulations or articles in specific end-use applications (such as food packaging, toys or electronic devices) by providing them with detailed and up-to-date information on the composition and characteristics of our products.




In allnex, we are convinced that the diversity of our workforce is an asset; we believe that bringing fresh ideas, perspectives and experiences, which support our values, will continue to enhance our performance and service to our customer. Diversity means a workforce reflective of different cultures, nationalities, genders, generations, ethnic groups, abilities, social backgrounds and all the other unique differences that make each of us individuals. We utilize an equal opportunity employment policy to guide our hiring process in facilitating diversity. The asset of diversity will help us thrive.


We believe all employees should be afforded a workplace environment that allows them to reach their full potential. We have an anti-discrimination policy and require employee training to ensure the work environment is free of discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital status, physical or mental disability, veteran status, gender identity or sexual orientation in any form, including but not limited to sexual harassment or other harassment. We must treat each other and anyone we interact with on behalf of allnex with respect and dignity. We are expected to treat all our colleagues, including non-employees with whom we work, with fairness and dignity.




Our positive relationship with the communities in which we operate is a vital part of our continuing success as a company. Each allnex plant continuously strives to operate responsibly and make a positive contribution to the local community.


allnex systematically tracks potential environmental aspects and impacts on local communities, resulting in a scorecard for each site. The scorecard includes an evaluation of distance to nearest residential areas, urban areas, industrial area, water body, railway, highway, and airport, and rates each location for various potential inbound and outbound exposure types. This scorecard helps us to target our performance improvement efforts.


Compliance is a goal that touches every part of our business, which is why it has been part of our core values and a key pillar in our sustainability strategy since day one. At allnex, we value its importance in our industry so that we can continue to produce and import products, across our whole range of technologies, that are 100% safe for everyone involved, be it customers, workers or end-users, and are all in accordance with regional or global regulations. This commitment to product and service quality is so important to us that we ensure to meet or in many cases exceed the requirements set by major industry regulations like REACH or TSCA.


The way we see it, other than providing you with the right chemistry that fits your needs and helps you achieve your goals, compliance with the latest industry regulations is yet another box we tick to ensure that what you purchase from us is nothing less than world class products. This helps the entire chemical industry take a leap forward in protecting the environment, as well as your workers’ and end users’ health.


Complying with REACH


REACH is a European Regulation that covers the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals. Since 1 June 2007, the REACH Regulation is legally enforceable across the whole of the European Economic Area (EEA), which includes all the member countries of the European Union (EU) plus Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. REACH applies to all chemical substances that are either produced in the EEA or imported into the EEA.


For more detailed information on REACH, we also recommend visiting:



What we do within the EU – MANUFACTURING products in the EEA


REACH covers all chemicals supplied by companies that are based in the EEA. It therefore applies to products supplied by the following European companies within the allnex group:



The allnex group is committed to full compliance with the requirements of the REACH Regulation. By the May 31st, 2018 deadline, allnex successfully completed a total of 183 registrations with ECHA (European Chemical Agency). The registrations have been done according to our historical volumes. Please note that some of our products may be subject to volume limits.


For any further questions, please contact


What we do outside the EU – IMPORTING products in the EEA


In order to relieve our customers and downstream supply chain from their registration obligations related to the importation of our products into the EEA, allnex has registered (or is planning to register) via an Only-Representative (OR) some of the chemical substances used in allnex products made outside of Europe. However, these registrations do not cover our entire product range and some of them are subject to volume limits. allnex is open to discuss possibilities for OR coverage in order to support our customers. Decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis.


In some cases, it may be possible for allnex to supply an equivalent product manufactured by one of our European entities, which has already been registered.


Complying with TSCA Inventory Notification Rule


The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), reformed in 2016, requires the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to designate chemical substances on the TSCA Chemical Substance Inventory as either “active” or “inactive” in U.S. commerce.


To accomplish that, the EPA finalized a rule known as the “TSCA Inventory Notification Rule”, and requires industry reporting of chemicals manufactured (including imported) or processed in the U.S. over the past 10 years, ending on June 21, 2016. The TSCA Inventory Notification Rule became effective on August 11, 2017 and the notification reports must be submitted electronically to the EPA on or before February 7, 2018. This reporting will be used to identify which chemical substances on the TSCA Inventory are active in U.S. commerce and will help inform the prioritization of chemicals for risk evaluation.


What is allnex doing to comply with the Inventory Notification Rule?


The allnex Product Stewardship and Regulatory Affairs group is committed to full compliance with the requirements of the TSCA Inventory Notification Rule and will be submitting notification reports for all non-exempt substances in our products that were Manufactured or Imported during the 10-year look-back period to ensure that these substances are designated as active on the TSCA Inventory.


Complying with New and Updated Chemical Control Regulations


The allnex Product Stewardship and Regulatory Affairs group is monitoring the development of new regulations in the world - such as Korean REACH, Turkish KKDIK or Vietnamese New Chemical Index - in order to ensure a timely registration of allnex substances, supporting our customers' activities in those countries.