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Urethane Acrylates

Versatile products for wide market applications

We’re proud of our robust product portfolio of UV curable Urethane Acrylates, and are committed to expanding it to fulfill customers unmet needs and market trends. Depending on what chemistry is selected, it can achieve outstanding performance levels in term of mechanical, chemical and outdoor properties in a wide range of viscosity for your target market applications such as in industrial coatings, plastics coatings, automotive coatings and packaging coatings. Contact us, and let us show you our wide range of UV Curable Urethane Acrylates. 

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Urethane acrylate resins

Softness / Hardness – Our full range of urethane acrylates provide customers the best platform to formulate a unique solution that offers high scratch resistance, high flexibility and / or very soft feel effects. 

Non-yellowing – Aliphatic urethane acrylates are well known for non-yellowing and with excellent outdoor durability; Aromatic urethane acrylates are excellent fit-for-use purpose.

High Reactivity – Looking for an LED curable solution? The allnex high performance and high reactivity urethane acrylates are the answer.

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The top choice for high performance & sustainability

The EBECRYL® 4690 is a tin-free urethane acrylate, has a 30.5% bio-carbon content and offers an excellent outdoor durability for clear and pigmented coats. This solvent-free product presents a high reactivity for a valuable productivity and brings high hardness after cure with excellent substrate protection. The EBECRYL® 4690 is typically used for coatings on exterior cladding, joinery and concrete as well as interior applications where high performance is required. This patented product has been carefully crafted by allnex experts  to support our customers in achieving sustainable coatings while meeting the industry’s most stringent requirements.

  • Excellent weatherability

  • Bio-based for sustainability

  • Good hardness & reactivity

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Exquisite soft feel for applications

The EBECRYL® 8896 is an ideal option for making a unique piece. Touch feel plays an important role in consumer’s purchasing process and very subjective depending on individual’s perception. The aliphatic urethane acrylate  EBECRYL® 8896 shows excellent flexibility and rubber feeling. With its superior compatibility, it allow formulation freedom to adjust the level of touch feel (eg. rubber feel, velvet feel, leather feel) that match the end-use product such as keyboards, car armrests or electronic wrist bands.

Excellent abrasion resistance can also be achieved when it blends with hardcoat resins such as the EBECRYL® 8894

  • Excellent rubbery haptic feel

  • Easy to formulate

  • Good abrasion resistance with EBECRYL® 8894

Need excellent steel wool resistance with high reactivity performance?

The aliphatic urethane acrylate EBECRYL® 225 is a 10-functional hardcoat product for various plastic substrates use and can be used as a binder to improve the hardness and scratch resistance of a coating. With its outstanding steel wool resistance performance, formulation with EBECRYL® 225 can achieve the stringent scratch requirements for automotive interior & consumer electronics such as mobile phone covers. Its high reactivity properties also make it an excellent candidate for UV LED curing.

  • Super hardness & steel wool resistance

  • High reactivity for LED curing

  • Tin free

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A safe & high performance product allows for various printing inks end uses

For printing applications, the BPA-free aromatic urethane acrylate  EBECRYL® 2221 can be used with flexographic and lithographic (offset) inks as well as screen and gravure inks. Due to  its exceptional surface curing, formulations based on the EBECRYL® 2221 also offer the benefit of high chemical and solvent resistance as well as improved hardness. With excellent reactivity and good compatibility, the EBECRYL® 2221 is the perfect choice for a wide variety of applications.

  • BPA-free & tin-free & PETIA-free

  • Good surface curing & hardness

  • High chemical & solvent resistance

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Highly flexible resin even in cold temperatures

BECRYL® 250 is a high molecular weight aliphatic urethane acrylate resin, characterized by its light color and lower viscosity.  Due to its soft & flexible properties, it is primarily used as an additive to improve the flexibility of finished formulations. With excellent cold-flexing performance,  EBECRYL® 250 is well suited for coatings and adhesives used at low temperatures.

  • Excellent flexibility at low temperature

  • Non-yellowing

  • Relatively low viscosity

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