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CRYLCOAT® 2435-6: Low-bake Powder Coating Resin for ACE Market


For the ACE market, a low-bake application is important. Applications applied to thick steel substrates – such as tractors, truck beds, etc., need a product that cures at a low temperature, as it takes these steel pieces a long time to absorb heat and must reach a certain temperature before the curing can take place.
That’s why the CRYLCOAT® 2435-6 is such an asset to the ACE market. The low-bake feature, along with good flow and excellent flexibility, allows the proper cure to take place while providing both blooming and boiling water resistance. This ensures the final coating can withstand tough outdoor conditions while providing an excellent finish that will hold up for years to come.

Superdurable Made Easy with the CRYLCOAT® 4478-0


The CRYLCOAT® 4478-0 has been created by allnex chemists to offer a superdurable product that will allow you to reduce your SKU, saving you both time and money.
In addition, it’s a versatile, broad-compatibility polyester resin that eliminates the need for multiple products, thereby saving you space, time, money – not to mention less room for error in your products.
What’s more, it is intended to be used on a wide variety of applications, including Architectural Extrusions, ACE, Automotive wheels and trim parts, Lawn & Garden and other external applications such as Lighting fixtures.

No need to compromise with new waterborne acrylic 1K DTM

  • Direct-to-metal (non pre-treated metals and plastics)
  • Excellent anti-corrosion
  • VOC < 50g/L
  • Outstanding early water resistance

Best in class corrosion performance on a multitude of substrates at lowest level of VOC? Dispersing pigments for anti-corrosive paints without compromising the binder performance? Combining SETAQUA® DTM 6850 and ADDITOL® XW 6588 high to low gloss formulations up to C3 level of corrosion performance.

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Low temperature cure powder coatings for large metal parts

  • Low Baking Temperatures
  • Excellent Anti Corrosion
  • UV Resistance

Low temperature cure powder coatings are more efficient for large components, like the large metal parts found in ACE machinery which can take a long time to reach peak metal temperature. allnex's CRYLCOAT® powder coating resin technology is capable of curing at low baking temperatures so you can be sure coated components are fully cured, while still achieving the desired levels of flow. Our superdurable resins, CRYLCOAT® 4442-2 (available only in Americas and Asia Pacific regions) and CRYLCOAT® 4643-3 are designed to cure, respectively, with TGIC and with Primid.

Tougher coatings for lasting appearance

  • Excellent Toughness
  • High Mechanical Strength
  • Flexible Coatings

Tougher coatings help maintain appearance. ACE machinery operate in challenging environments where physical impact is a normal part of service life. Our CRYLCOAT® 4442-2 (available only in Americas and Asia Pacific regions) and SETAPOLL™ SP303 resins are specifically designed to formulate robust, flexible powder coatings with high mechanical strength.

Weather resistant powder coatings ensure longevity

  • Excellent Exterior Durability
  • Outstanding Corrosion Resistance

Weather resistant coatings need to last longer - spending the majority of their service lives outdoors means ACE equipment is continually exposed to the elements. At allnex, our superdurable CRYLCOAT® and SETAPOLL™ powder coating resins have excellent weathering and corrosion resistance making them the perfect choice for ACE.

Superdurable weathering with outstanding flexibility

  • Excellent Chemical and Overbaking Resistance
  • Good Outdoor Weatherability
  • Superior Flexibility

A new resin for Primid, the CRYLCOAT® 4698-2, demonstrates outstanding flexibility for ACE applications. This new resin can provide coatings with excellent chemical and overbaking resistance, good Distinction of Image and mechanical strength.

Higher line efficiency

  • Fast drying & efficiency
  • Excellent durability
  • Environmentally friendly

ACE production lines are expensive assets that need to be utilized as much as possible. Fast curing paints can help save significantly for both costs and time. At allnex, we offer a two-layer system based on waterborne 2k epoxy primer and solventborne or waterborne 2k acrylic topcoats. Our BECKOPOX™ and BECKOCURE™ portfolio offers very fast curing primers that can be topcoated soon after application. Our MACRYNAL® and SETALUX® portfolio offers compatible fast curing topcoats.

The breakthrough you’ve been waiting for is here and ready!

  • Increased Productivity
  • Non-Isocyanate
  • Outstanding durability

ACURE™ delivers on its promises.  This new and truly innovative, fast drying, higher solids, long potlife delivering system does it all and at the same time provides increased worker comfort.  Compromise no more and realize freedom from isocyanates.

Faster drying, PU topcoats at any temperature with extended potlife – Today!

  • Increased Productivity
  • long pot life
  • low temperature cure

Our new SETALUX® FC acrylic polyol product range for Industrial topcoats enables the formulation of the fastest drying 2k PU systems in the industry, at any given temperature, while maintaining pot life, solids and all other coating properties.  This product range increases your customer’s profitability by reducing energy costs, increasing line speeds and giving them the confidence in knowing that they've got proper cure even in situations where their curing ovens and line conditions are less than optimal.


Crosslinkers & Catalysts for high performance metal coatings

  • Broad Amino Crosslinker Portfolio
  • Optimize Coating Cure Profile
  • Enhance Coating Functionality

allnex provides an industry leading portfolio of CYMEL®, SETAMINE®, and ETERMINO® amino crosslinkers and CYCAT® catalysts for industrial coating applications.  This diverse portfolio includes butylated, methylated and mixed ether melamine resins offering a range of product compositions and coating cure characteristics.

Phenolics for high performance metal coatings

  • Broad Phenolics Crosslinker Portfolio
  • Water & Solvent-Based Resins
  • Enhance Flexibility & Chemical Resistance

allnex provides an industry leading portfolio of water and solvent-based PHENODUR® phenolic crosslinkers used in high performance general metal and packaging applications. This  portfolio offers a range of  compositions, binder compatabilities and cure characteristics and can be used to enable improved coating properties such as flexibility, heat resistance and chemical resistance.

Ultra-low free formaldehyde crosslinker for low temperature cure

  • Ultra-Low Free Formaldehyde Melamine
  • For ambient or low temp cure coatings
  • Alternative to isocyanate system

CYMEL© XW 3106 crosslinking resin is an ultra-low free formaldehyde melamine resin formulated specifically for 2k solvent-borne ambient cure or low bake systems in which low temperature cure (<100C) characteristics are desired. It is an alternative to isocyanate-based systems and is ideal for temperature sensitive substrates such as plastics, consumer electronics and low bake industrial metals.

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allnex product highlights

ACE Machines


Product Group Technology Product Benefits Free sample request
Topcoat/Clearcoat Solventborne acrylics SETALUX® 1915 BA-75 Low VOC coatings with high build and gloss, very fast drying at low spray viscosity. Good chemical resistance, outdoor durability. Good mechanical properties. Request sample
Topcoat/Clearcoat Solventborne acrylics MACRYNAL® SM 2810/75BAC High solid coatings with good overall performance such as chemical resistance, outdoor durability and mechanical properties. Request sample
Topcoat/Monocoat Solventborne acrylics SETALUX® 1921 BA-78 High solid coatings with good overall performance, very good outdoor durabilitya nd mechanical properties. Request sample
Topcoat/Monocoat Solventborne acrylics MACRYNAL® SM 2815/70BAC Fast through drying even at ambient conditions. Very good balance between hardness and flexibility. Very good solvent resistance and weathering properties. VOC compliant coatings. Request sample
Topcoat/Monocoat Solventborne Polyester DUROFTAL® VPI 2803/78BAC Very high solids, high gloss and depth of image. Superior weathering and excellent solvent and chemical resistance. Request sample
Topcoat/Monocoat Superdurable TGIC CRYLCOAT® 4442-2 Low bake with good compromise between flow and reactivity. Request sample
Topcoat/Monocoat Superdurable HAA CRYLCOAT® 4643-3 Low bake with good compromise between flow and reactivity. Request sample
Topcoat/Monocoat Standard Durable HAA SETAPOLL® SP 303 Low bake with good mechanical properties. Request sample
Primers Waterborne 2K amine hardener BECKOCURE™ EH 2261w/41WA WB hardener free of volatile amines. Application for fast drying, non-sagging primers and monocoats at room temperature. Good adhesion to poorly prepared surfaces. Request sample
Primers Waterborne 2K amine hardener BECKOPOX EH 2189w/50WA Very fast drying and curing WB anti-corrosion primers. Excellent humidity and salt spray resistance. Request sample
Primers Waterborne 2K epoxy resin BECKOPOX® EP 2384w/57WA Low VOC, WB fast drying primers. Good adhesion to metal. Multiple coats in one day. Request sample
Primers Waterborne 2K epoxy resin


Fast drying shear stable water reducible anti-corrosion primers. Good adhesion to metal and other substrates. Request sample
Primer / Monocoat Waterborne Acrylics SETAQUA® DTM 6850 Fast drying WB 1K primers, monocoats or topcoats with excellent anti-corrosion resistance and stable gloss at very low VOC.  Good mechanical properties and chemical resistance. Request sample
Shop-primer Waterborne Acrylics SETAQUA® 6899 Fast drying WB 1K shop primers, with excellent anti-corrosion resistance. Economy in use. Good early water resistance. Request sample


Additives for your coating formulations
Technology Product Benefits Free sample request
Defoamer ADDITOL® VXW 6393 Strong defoaming performance for waterborne formulations. Request sample
Dispersing ADDITOL® XL 270 ADDITOL XL 270 is a highly efficient pigment wetting agent that enables improved viscosity of your coatings at low shear forces. It is the solution when particle size and density are the reasons for bad rub-out results with your highly loaded coating. Request sample
Thickener ADDITOL® VXW 6388 Excellent rheological behavior without negative influence on anti-corrosion performance. Request sample
Wetting and dispersing agent ADDITOL® VXW 6208 Excellent wetting power without negative effect on anti-corrosion performance. Request sample


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