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Marine & Protective

Light Duty Protective

Innovation without sacrifice

Your customers love the adhesion and look of their favorite oil based enamel but are tired of dealing with solvent clean up and odor issues. allnex won't force you to compromise. Our alkyd emulsion technology based on acrylic, alkyd and urethane chemistries won't let you down. These products offer the VOC of waterborne systems with the gloss, stability and appearance of alkyd systems.

  • expected look & feel
  • waterborne low VOC
  • durable without compromise
Innovation without sacrifice

Making your difficult projects easy

Your customer is tired of repainting walls which see high exposure to hand oil, animal fats and cleaning chemicals. allnex's waterborne epoxy systems won't put your customer to sleep while he waits for his coating to dry. These systems not only dry fast but are also highly chemical resistant which means your customer won't be repainting as often as he is today.

  • Chemical resistance
  • durable coatings
  • less down time
Making your difficult projects easy