Water-based melamine resins for high performance textiles

  • Economical film systems cost
  • Water soluble
  • Enable fast-cure

Melamine resins are used for protective coatings in diverse number of textile and non-woven fabric end-uses such as industrial fabrics, home furnishing and clothing products in order to improve performance and durability of the underlying fabric. CYMEL© 385 is one such resin used for these applications - it is fully soluble in water and provides fast-cure properties resulting in high film hardness and low formaldehyde release during cure.

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Amino Crosslinkers for Textile

Technology Product Benefits Free sample request
Methylated High Imino Melamine

CYMEL® 385

High Imino resin, water soluble, very fast cure for water based systems, low formaldehyde release. Request sample
Melamine Methylated


Workhorse high solids HMMM product available globally from multiple source locations, free formaldehyde <0.1%. Request sample


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