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Energy Curable Resins

Energy curable solutions for low gloss applications

Enhancing the natural beauty of substrates

Ecological awareness, lifestyle changes, and curb appeal are driving the need for surface finishes that preserve, but also emulate the beauty of nature in both naturally occurring and artificial substrates. Additionally a substrate’s finish plays an integral part in the commercial value by adding performance features to the final product. Therefore interest in “high performance ultra-low gloss finishes” is increasing, which have historically been challenging to achieve.

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allnex’s innovations in low gloss applications:

allnex has developed 3 energy curable solutions to address the need for low gloss applications: UV/EB curable oligomers, waterborne UV curable systems, and resins for optimum results under Excimer curing conditions. These resins used in low gloss coatings have been specially designed to enhance the performance of substrates while giving an aesthetic appeal to the end product.

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Achieve easy-to-matt and bio-based finishes with waterborne UV curable oligomers – UCECOAT® 7999

Our recently developed UCECOAT® 7999, has a bio-based content of 22% and can be used for developing white and clear coats requiring good mechanical and chemical resistance. The product is a Sn – and APEO free UV curable polyurethane dispersion (UVPUD). On top of being a sustainable technology, polyurethane waterborne UV curable oligomers have the additional feature to be easy-to-matt. The high reactivity of the product offers enhanced productivity.

Main product features:

  • Good compatibility with blending partners and easy-to-matt

  • High reactivity with low VOC

  • Improved mechanical and chemical resistance

  • Good balance of properties

  • 22% of bio-based content

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For various substrate application and 100% UV systems – EBECRYL® 898

EBECRYL® 898, a multi-functional binder for matte and ultra-matte effect coatings. This product has been developed to achieve low gloss effects in a wide array of coating applications, ranging from OPV’s, paper, PET films, exterior applications and resilient flooring to industrial wood applications

Main product features:

  • Multi-substrate compatibility

  • Improved matting effect

  • Fast cure

  • Low viscosity and low odor

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For ultra matt finishes without matting agents – Excimer curing with EBECRYL® 266 and 5130

Resins for Excimer curing have been developed to achieve low gloss and high-performance profiles. Excimer curing technology can offer a very low gloss level (~ 2GU’s at 60°). Prior to the UV curing, a 172nm excimer light is used to irradiate the thin surface layer that shrinks and forms a micro-folded structure, which creates a dull/matt effect due to light refraction. The liquid UV coating can be applied by roller, spray, or curtain coater to have a fully cured low gloss surface.

 Main product features:

  • Exceptionally high chemical and mechanical resistance

  • Ability to achieve ultra-matte levels (~ 2GU’s at 60°)

  • Excellent scratch, polishing, and abrasion resistance, with improved stain resistance

  • No need for matting agents (silica-free formulations)

  • Improved performance with soft touch effect, anti-fingerprint properties

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