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Thermoplastic Acrylics

allnex thermoplastic acrylic resins

allnex’s line of Thermoplastic Acrylic (TPA) resins sold globally under the SETALUX® and VIACRYL® brand names have been designed for use as both sole and blending binders.   They are used globally in the development of coatings for a broad range of markets including;  industrial, decorative, construction, vehicle refinish, marine and protective.   The applications are also very diverse finding use in road marking, industrial maintenance, and aerosols.   TPA resins are desirable resins as they provide adhesion to multiple substrates like metal, plastic and cementitious, are durable, high gloss, provide alkali resistance , are fast drying and adhere to a broad substrate range. 

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When the sticking point is sticking – excellent adhesion to multiple substrates

A new thermoplastic acrylic(TPA) resin, SETALUX 2127 XX-60, is a fast drying, exceptional adhesion, and good weathering properties. Developed to allow formulation of single component high gloss durable coatings with exceptional adhesion to zinc and galvanized substrates.   Suitable for application with brush, roller or spray.

  • Fast drying

  • Very good dirt pick up resistance

  • Good gloss retention and outdoor durability

  • High gloss and good hardness and chemical resistance

  • Very good adhesion on galvanized and various substrates

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SETALUX® 2127 XX-60

If you need all the benefits of a Thermoplastic Acrylic resin with the HAPs free and lower VOCs

SETALUX® 57-1277 is a resin developed for use in developing low HAPs/lower VOC fast drying coatings that exhibit good hardness.   SETALUX® 57-1277 Can be used to develop either clear or pigmented systems.

Can be used for developing coating systems for aerosol, vehicle refinish, Industrial metal and protective markets.


  • HAPs free / Lower VOC Systems

  • Fast Drying – either ambient or forced

  • Non-yellowing


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SETALUX® 57-1277

Thermoplastic Acrylic resin designed to provide versatility and performance

SETALUX 17-1275 is a fast–dry resin developed to be utilized in various clear or pigmented ambient or force-dry coatings.    This is a premium resin that can be used to develop durable coatings across a broad range of markets.   The SETALUX® 17-1275 is easily modified with alkyd/acrylic resins such as SETYRENE™  13-3504.

Can be used for General Industrial Coatings, Vehicle Refinish, Aerosols and Construction Coatings such as Industrial Flooring


  • Fast Drying – either ambient or forced

  • Non-yellowing

  • Durable Topcoats or Clearcoats

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SETALUX® 17-1275

Reduce complexity in your manufacturing plant by having one product do it all - A highly versatile product for road-marking, plastic and metal application

VIACRYL® SC 121/60X - can be used to as a single binder for road-marking paints when a formulator is looking for a binder with good adhesion and abrading resistance that has good whiteness retention.   

Another excellent choice as a sole binder for road-marking applications is VIACRYL® SC 160/60TThis binder also has excellent adhesion to plastics and can be used to formulate direct to plastic coatings for adhesion to PVC, acrylic sheet, polycarbonate and polyester reinforced components. Good water resistance and quick drying characteristics make it a good resin to develop primers and monocoats for metallic substrates.  Coatings based on this product show good adhesion to steel, aluminum and zinc.
  • Fast Dry / good washout resistance

  • Non-discoloring

  • High pigment loading

  • Adhesion to broad substrates

If you need a tough clear systems this product clearly makes it an easy decision – also good if your needs are not so clear as in a pigmented system

SETALUX® 17-1246 is a fast–dry thermoplastic acrylic (TPA) resin solution which provides an excellent balance of hardness, adhesion and film toughness.    The exceptional  clarity and transparency make it a perfect choice for highly transparent clear or  pigmented air-dry or force-dry coatings.

  • Good for overbake yellowing resistance

  • Excellent adhesion to untreated substrates

  • Can be used as a modifying resin

  • Fast drying resin that produces tough, flexible coatings

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SETALUX® 17-1246

Some coatings can be decorative and still have high performance

VIACRYL® SC 134/50STD185 very rapid physical drying and outstanding weather resistance. It also has excellent alkali and water resistance, and excellent pigment wetting.


  • Good Flexibility - internally plasticized

  • Superior weatherability and alkali  resistance

  • Fast Dry

allnex product highlights

Thermoplastic acrylic Additives

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High performance dispersant for 2K refinish systems - for organic pigments and carbon black.

Flow and Leveling


Silicone-free levelling agent with excellent compatibility.


Highly efficient pigment wetting agent that enables improved viscosity of your coatings at low shear forces. It is the solution when particle size and density are the reasons for bad rub-out results with your highly loaded coating.


Highly effective defoamer/deaerator for use in a broad range of solventborne paint systems.
Anti-Scratch MODAFLOW ® NSR 100 A novel anti-scratch and mar additive of use in developing high performing topcoats with premium clarity.  

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