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Solventborne Resins

Facilitate the formulation of coatings with robust application properties.

While the coatings industry is moving away from solvent-based formulations, coatings based on high solid resins have shown to be a sustainable solution and essential for performance in many applications. Solventborne resins are the preferred choice where application conditions and substrate character can vary widely providing robust application properties, metal adhesion, corrosion resistance and very high gloss.

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allnex solventborne resin technologies

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allnex solventborne resin innovation snapshot

Allnex has produced innovative solventborne resins for many years, our technical team is constantly working on new innovation projects to provide high performance and compliant products.

Here are some examples of our latest solventborne innovations:


  • ACURE™ Technology, an isocyanate free, low VOC 2K system with exceptional cure & pot life balance and highly durable

  • High solids and medium solid acrylic polyols for 2K systems with fast cure, long open time and early hardness build up

  • High solids and solvent-free long oil alkyds with very good outdoor durability

  • Acrylic polyols and polyester resins with more effective sag control agents

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Discover our market pages

allnex solventborne resins

our brands

Brand Applications
ACURE™ Non-Iso 2k system which harnesses Michael Addition’s reactivity – for fast dry times and long pot life.
BECKOPOX™ Solventborne epoxy and epoxy hardeners for general metal applications.
DUROFTAL® Polyester resins for BADGE-free packaging coatings and coil coatings.
DUROXYN Solventborne epoxy ester resins for general metal applications.
G-CURE® Acrylic polyols ACE, general metal, and vehicle refinish applications.
MACRYNAL® Acrylic polyols for the formulation of high-performance industrial, automotive and protective topcoats and clear coats with VOCs below 420g/l.
RESAMIN® Solventborne plasticizing resin.
ROSKYDAL® Unsaturated polyester resins for conventional or UV cure styrene systems for wood, plastic, and general metal applications.
SETAL® Solventborne alkyd and polyester resins for exterior architecture, wood, industrial and automotive refinish applications.
SETALUX® Solventborne acrylic resins for ACE, automotive OEM, general metal, plastic, and vehicle refinish applications.
SETATHANE® Hydrophobic polyols for construction and flooring applications.
SETYRENE® Acrylic modified alkyds for protective, general metal and automotive refinish.
TIRES Economic grade of solventborne acrylic polyol, alkyd, polyester and epoxy ester resins used in automotive refinish, general metal, wood and construction applications
VIACRYL® Solventborne acrylic resins for thermoplastic, self-crosslinkable and amino-crosslinkable coatings for roadmarking, packaging coatings and industrial topcoats.
VIALKYD® High solids, solvent-based alkyds and oil-free polyesters for various decorative and industrial applications.
SETATHANE® For 100% solid systems: solvent free hydrophobic polyols for construction and flooring applications.

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