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Solventborne Resins

Solventborne Acrylics

Why Use a Liquid Acrylic Resin?

Liquid acrylic resins are an extremely versatile and high value chemistry and are subsequently used in a wide variety of markets and applications. allnex manufactures the most comprehensive line of both acrylic polyol resins and thermoplastic acrylic resins in the business. Our portfolio offers distinct product families for all major market areas including vehicle refinish, automotive OEM, marine and protective, construction, and industrial coatings systems of all types. Our solvent based acrylic resin line which is supplied in liquid form is sold under the SETALUX® and MACRYNAL® tradenames. 

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Our solventborne acrylic resins are extremely versatile

Solventborne acrylics are one of the most versatile chemistries in the coatings industry playing a vital role as the backbone resin in two component polyurethane coatings systems which deliver tough, durable polyurethane topcoats and clearcoats for a tremendous variety of industrial and automotive applications. 

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Faster line speeds enabled by fast curing solventborne acrylics: Meet SETALUX® FC

In recent years, driven by the desire to reduce curing energy and increase line productivity, the demand for faster curing two component systems has moved to the forefront. allnex has risen to the challenge having recently developed SETALUX® FC liquid acrylic polyol resins. The SETALUX® FC portfolio contains a wide range of products with offering the formulator a diverse pallet of formulating options enabling:

  • Increased line speeds

  • Increased body shop productivity

  • Lower curing energy demand

  • Longer painting seasons

Faster cure (FC) in vehicle refinish means increased auto body shop efficiency

SETALUX® FC 1925 BA-75  utilizes our patented FC technology and is one of our fastest curing, most premium high solids acrylic polyols for use in Vehicle Refinish clearcoat applications.  It is provided at 75% NV in butyl acetate, has an OH value of 4.1% on solids and is designed for use in premium 420 g/l 2:1 mix ratio clearcoat systems. 

  • Ultra fast cure

  • Long Potlife

  • Low Color

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SETALUX® FC 1925 BA-75

Increase productivity and application robustness in industrial applications with SETALUX® 27-1592.

If you’re looking for the gold standard in fast cure at the highest possible solids SETALUX® 27-1592 (80% NV) is that answer. Based on the ability of this product to cure quickly without sacrificing potlife, coating formulators are able now to offer their customers products which not only offer faster line speeds and reduced curing energy but in less controlled application conditions provide a coating with more robust and predictable dry time performance and property development. This hydroxyl-functional acrylic oligomer is perfectly suited for air dry, force dry, and bake applications especially in industrial metal applications like Fabrication shops or for example Agricultural and Construction Equipment.

  • Good compatibility

  • Enhanced appearance & gloss

  • Shorter cycle time

  • Cures at low temperature

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SETALUX® 27-1592

High solids and Fast Cure found in one cost effective resin

SETALUX® FC 2008 BA-75 provides excellent cure in a very high solids acrylic polyol with a low hydroxyl number geared for high value, high solids urethane topcoat systems used in particular in the Marine and Protective Industry.

  • Very high solids

  • Fast Cure

  • Economical

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