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Cobalt-free & cobalt-based driers

What are the differences between cobalt-free driers & cobalt driers?

Both cobalt-free and cobalt-based driers help paint, coatings and inks dry faster and more evenly, which create more durable and resistant coatings and allows coatings applicators more efficient production. Most common driers rely on cobalt as primary drier metal, however, cobalt driers have been identified by the European Union as having high toxicological potential which has created a market need to formulate with a cobalt-free alternative. allnex’ ADDITOL® & TEXIDRI™ lines both feature cobalt-free & cobalt-based driers that can perfectly suit every field of application.

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Cobalt-free driers: Improved Performance without the need for cobalt

Cobalt driers cannot be used in every case and have come under regulatory scrutiny recently that is anticipated to continue. This recent regulatory concern has driven allnex to develop new more environmentally -friendly alternatives. Our development goal was to find a replacement for cobalt that is that has improved performance over cobalt containing driers but keep cost at the same level and does not come along with other negative properties. Our latest substitute is based on new twin accelerated manganese system, the benefits of these new cobalt-free driers over cobalt-based driers are:

  • Improved storage stability – no loss of drying efficacy

  •  Enhanced anti-skinning Reduced toxicity concern – a cobalt drier’s toxicity has been identified as a concern by the European Union

  • Perfectly suited for oxidative drying in waterborne and solventborne alkyd and oil modified formulations.

  •  Reduced VOC capable

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ADDITOL® dry CF is our cobalt-free series of driers for Inks and Coatings

f you are looking for a cobalt-free primary or secondary drier we might have something in store for you: allnex’ ADDITOL® dry CF series of products are ready to use, universal cobalt containing drier replacement. They are extremely shear stable, have high reactivity, faster cycle time, and low temperature drying window making the ADDITOL® dry CF line a perfect fit for products when you need improved hardness response and chemical resistance.

While ADDITOL® dry CF100, a primary drier based on twin accelerated Manganese, is an excellent and universal Cobalt substituent, designed to have compatibility and fast incorporation in all solvent borne and waterborne alkyd paints. The drier is renowned for its well-balanced leveling, drying performance, along with its anticorrosion and anti-wrinkle performance. 

ADDITOL® dry CF200 and ADDITOL® dry CF300 contain balanced auxiliary drier metal combinations which optimize oxidative drying in waterborne alkyd resin based paints. Both driers are recommended to be used together with the cobalt-free primary drier ADDITOL dry CF 100 for all oxidatively  drying waterborne  formulations. While ADDITOL dry CF200 is recommended for its high reactivity and low cure temperature, ADDITOL dry CF300 is put forward for its excellent direct to metal advantage. 

  • optimized oxidative drying & long term storage drying efficacy

  • excellent compatibility & incorporation

  • solvent borne and waterborne alkyd and oil modified urethane applications

  • cobalt-free primary and secondary drier portfolio

  • Low VOC system capab


ADDITOL® VXW 4940 N & VXW 6206 are combination driers that have it all

ADDITOL® VXW 6206 (a combination of cobalt, lithium and zirconium) and VXW 4940 N (an emulsified combination of cobalt, barium and zirconium). These combination driers are suited for oxidatively drying alkyd resin paints and both come with individual beneficial properties.

  • freeze-thaw stability

  • high reactivity

  • improved hardness in final product

  • APEO free

  • Ready to use

  • suitable for lithography inks

Our single metal driers: The TEXIDRI™ Series

 The allnex’ TEXIDRI™ series allows for maximum customization. Depending on your formulation needs, you can combine the calcium-, cobalt-, zinc-, or zirconium-based driers to suit your application. Learn more about the advantages of the TEXIDRI™ series from our experts.

While both TEXIDRI CALCIUM 5% Tallate and the TEXIDRI ZINC 12% will keep the film matrix open allowing oxygen in and solvent out in the early drying process, the calcium will facilitate pigment dispersion and enhance grind and tinter acceptance, while zinc will prevent wrinkling and skinning of the film.

In addition, although TEXIDRI COBALT 12% SUPERCO will produce less discoloration in wet paint and upon ageing of dried paint, its less toxic substitute TEXIDRI ZIRCONIUM 12% will offer good   through dry and color and improved gloss.

  • available in varying concentrations

  • highly customizable blends possible

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