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Packaging Coatings & Inks

Overprint Varnishes

High gloss & special effects

High gloss and special effects such as metallic, matte or soft touch overprint varnishes have become increasingly popular. Our EBECRYL® 898 can be used to lower or eliminate matting agents without compromising key performance properties. Additionally, our UV curable soft touch oligomer EBECRYL® 4857 is a solvent free binder that offers a rubbery feel. EBECRYL® 4857 is compatible with a variety of matting agents, waxes and polymeric beads which allows for maximum formulating latitude to create a number of haptic properties ranging from smooth, silky to peachy feel. We also have a range of UCECOAT® waterborne UV products which can provide a range of finishes in overprint varnishes.

  • Soft touch
  • Dead matte
  • Scratch and rub resistant
High gloss & special effects

Amino crosslinkers for OPV applications

allnex provides an industry leading portfolio of CYMEL® melamine crosslinkers that can be used for overprint varnish applications to enable a high performing and durable varnish.

  • Broad Amino Crosslinker Portfolio
  • Optimize Coating Cure Profile
  • Enhance overprint varnish appearance and properties
Amino crosslinkers for OPV applications