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Urethane Specialties

TMXDI is an aliphatic tertiary diisocyanate monomer delivering important performance advantages.

TMXDI is an aliphatic tertiary diisocyanate monomer that provides practical methods for production of urethanes, carbodiimides and hybrids with minimal side reactions it allows to produce dispersions without the use of any solvent.

In addition to offering a simpler method for processing, TMXDI delivers important performance advantages: better adhesion to low surface energy or non-polar substrate due to aromatic ring, better elastomeric properties and improved rheology with less polar polymers- due to more miscible soft and hard segments.

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allnex TMXDI/Urethane specialties technologies

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  • TMI

  • Methyl carbamate

  • Carbodiimides

  • Microcapsulation

  • Rheology modifier


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allnex TMXDI/Urethane Specialties innovation snapshot

Allnex has produced innovative products for many years, our technical team is constantly working on new innovation projects to provide high performance and environmental friendly products.

Here are some examples of our latest innovations:


  • Co-solvent free PUDs 

  • Zero VOC PUDs

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allnex TMXDI/Urethane Specialties

our brand names

Brandname Applications
TMXDI® (META) Aliphatic Isocyanate: Diisocyanate used as building block in a wide range of applications: metallic based coats, primers for plastics, soft feel coatings , surface and laminating films, heat-sealable and transferable coatings and high reflective index optical systems.
TMI® (META) Unsaturated Aliphatic isocyanate with vinyl functionality. It is used for the polyol modification at additive levels, to make a dispersing agent for high resilience foam systems, for rheology modifier, adhesion promoter and other applications.
MEC Methyl carbamate (MEC) - a building block to create an urethane functionality. It is used to make the chemical intermediates for modification of hydroxyl functional  acrylics to improve environmental etch resistance for high performance resins used in premium automotive OEM clearcoat applications.
DIPEB (META) Diisopropenylbenzene is a versatile aromatic diolefin can be used in radical polymerization, as alkylation agent and as a precursor for other products, for example to make an odorant for the fragrance industry. It is also used in a variety of other specialty applications.

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