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Looking for fast-cured liquid systems with long service life? Discover our acrylates for PMMA waterproofing

  • Fast curing
  • Truly cold applied
  • Extreme outdoor durability

Liquid systems offer a seamless way to waterproof your construction while avoiding the risks intrinsic to hot works. But how can you formulate PMMA systems that endure the harshest outdoor environments? Explore the EBECRYL® range of urethane acrylates that can bring superior toughness - even at cold temperatures - and that can be used to increase chemical resistance or scratch resistance of your top layer. EBECRYL® epoxy acrylates bring adhesion to difficult substrates.

Exterior broadwall 2k water proofing coatings

  • 2k water proofing membranes
  • Exterior broad wall use
  • Apply by roller

In Asian regions it can be common to apply 2k, pigmented cement-based water proofing membranes as an exterior functional coating. Consider allnex AQUAPOL 600S for this demanding application.

Water proof wet areas in the home prior to tiling

  • 2k wet area water proofing
  • For internal use
  • Meet local building codes

In high rise apartment buildings it is essential to waterproof all wet areas such as bathrooms prior to tiling. Consider AQUAPOL 102S for this functional application.

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