Stains & Varnishes

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High performance exterior deck stains

  • Hybrid technology alkyd acylic
  • Fast dry
  • Exterior durability

Water based semi-transparent stains for exterior wooden decking requires specific products developed to meet the challenges of the many timbers used: from treated softwoods to hardwoods and exterior environments. At allnex, we have a full range of products to meet your needs.

Replacing solvent based wood stains for DIY

  • High Bio-based content wood stains
  • Excellent penetration of wood
  • Long open time

Traditional solvent-based rubbing and brush applied stains for interior applications inlcuding wall panelling and DIY furniture can be replaced with water based solutions. At allnex, we have a variety of products available for this end use.

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allnex product highlights

Stains & Varnishes

Layer Technology Product Benefits Free sample request
Exterior Multi-layer Acrylic modified RESYDROL® AZ 6710w/41WA Water-based semi-transparent wood stains for exterior wooden decking. Request sample
Interior & exterior stain layer direct to timber WB alkyd RESYDROL® VAL 5547w Water dilutable modified linseed oil based resin - VOC free with excellent penetration. Request sample


Additives for your coating formulations
Technology Product Benefits Free sample request
Drier ADDITOL® DRY CF 100 / CF 200 The latest generation of cobalt-free paint driers that have been developed for universal usage, long-term storage stability and performance that is better than the cobalt-containing products it replaces. Request sample
Flow & Leveling ADDITOL® VXL 4930  ADDITOL® VXL 4930 is a modified silicone for improvement of leveling and surface smoothness of solvent-containing and aqueous paints. Request sample
Flow & Leveling ADDITOL® XW 6580 ADDITOL® XW 6580 is a leveling and substrate wetting agent based on polyether modified siloxane for waterborne and solventborne paint systems giving strong surface tension reduction without foam stabilization or increasing slip.  Request sample
Dispersing ADDITOL® VXW 6208 Best in class non ionic pigment dispersant for all pigment natures. Request sample
Foam control ADDITOL® XW 6569 ADDITOL® XW 6569 is an extremely efficient silicone defoamer with excellent recoatibility making this defoamer a first choice for both paint manufacturing and application requirements. Request sample


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