Coating Additives


Attain better FDA approved can coatings

CYCAT® 600 is preferred over less soluble acid catalysts for low alcohol containing amino crosslinker can coatings as it has FDA 21 CFR 175.300 approval. Other FDA approved options are available including CYCAT® XK 406N for phenolic crosslinker resins used for interior can coatings. 

  • FDA approved options
  • Faster cure speeds
  • Less energy required
Attain better FDA approved can coatings

Accelerate automotive coating lines

DDBSA based catalysts blocked (CYCAT® 6020 & CYCAT® 6030) and unblocked (CYCAT® 600) recommended for automotive coatings to accelerate the crosslinking reaction of amino resins with polymers containing hydroxyl, carboxyl, or amide functionality. CYCAT® 600 is soluble in a wide variety of organic solvents. It may be used as a replacement for less soluble acid catalysts, such as para-toluene sulfonic acid.  This family of catalysts has improved hydrolysis and is better for electrostatic spray applications.

  • Faster cure speeds
  • Less energy required
  • Improved solubility
Accelerate automotive coating lines

Lower energy footprint of industrial metal coating lines

CYCAT® portfolio contains a wide variety of strong and weak acid catalysts that initiate and accelerate the cure speed of industrial paint systems that contain XLR amino resins. These coatings have excellent corrosion  and hydrolysis resistance properties.  Can be employed in waterborne and solvent based coatings.     

  • Faster cure speeds
  • Less energy required as allows for lower temperature cure
Lower energy footprint of industrial metal coating lines



*mg KOH/g

Type % Active†  Solvent Acid number* Product Benefits
Unblocked 40 Isopropanol 130-140

CYCAT® 4040

Versatile catalyst for both water-borne and solvent-borne thermoset systems.

Unblocked 72 Isopropanol 125-135

CYCAT® 600

Preferred over p-TSA for low alcohol containing systems; provides improved resistivity for electrostatic spray; FDA 21 CFR 175.300 approved.

Unblocked 40 Isobutanol 80-90

CYCAT® 500

Recommended for use in electro-coating and electrostatic spray applications; improves resistance properties due to its hydrophobicity.

Unblocked 50-55 Butanol 60-65

CYCAT® 6051

Provides best corrosion resistance, hydrolysis resistance, recommended for coil coating and direct to metal applications.

Unblocked 50 Isobutanol 360-380

CYCAT® 296-9

A derivative of pyrophosphoric acid; catalyzes the reaction of partially alkylated and high imino amino resins.

Unblocked 9 Xylene-Butanol ~100


A derivative of phosphoric acid, designed for use with phenolic resins and used in interior can coatings. FDA 21 CFR 175.300 approved.

Blocked pTSA


Ethylene glycol


CYCAT® 4045

Provides excellent formulated package stability and improved flow properties.

Blocked pTSA





Faster cure response than CYCAT 4045.

Blocked DDBSA

40 IPA 69-79

CYCAT® 6020

Provides best appearance and in-can stability for automotive top coats and general industrial coatings

Blocked DDBSA

30 IPA 54-62

CYCAT® 6030

Provides best cure response with shorter in-can stability due to lower pH; automotive clear coat over waterborne base coat.

Blocked DDBSA

25 IPA/BCS 43-50

CYCAT®  6925

FDA 21 CFR Section 175.300 compliant for food direct contact applications, such as can interiors.