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Acid Catalysts

The Function of Acid Catalysis

An acid catalyst functions as a proton donor to lower the activation energy required to cure a 1K system. CYCAT® acid catalysts initiate and accelerate crosslinking of amino resins for industrial thermoset coating systems. Common examples are in automotive primers and topcoats, appliance finishes, industrial metal, and wood coatings. The CYCAT® portfolio is globally available utilizing regional manufacturing locations.

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allnex’ Acid Catalysts for Efficient Curing Properties

allnex’ portfolio contains free and blocked sulfonic acid catalysts i.e. PTSA, DDBSA, DNNSA, DNNDSA as well as weak acid catalysts i.e. phosphate-based acid. The positive effects of acid catalysis on curing efficiency are the reason we have been developing, expanding, and improving our acid catalyst portfolio for years. Hence, that is why we can offer the right solution to fulfill specific requirements for any application. If you need further help in finding the suitable acid catalyst for your specific application, do not hesitate to contact our experts. Get the right acid catalyst for the following applications:
  • Automotive OEM

  • Industrial Metal

  • Coil & Pre-Coated Metal

  • Packaging Coating & Inks

  • Industrial Wood


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Looking for an effective weak acid catalyst especially suited for industrial metal?

Both CYCAT® 296-9 and CYCAT® XK 406 N are part of allnex’s CYCAT® weak acid catalysts. On one hand, CYCAT® 296-9 is great for accelerating the cure of CYMEL® amino resins at regular baking temperature, but it also allows for the same hardness in low temperature curing compared to uncatalyzed systems. The phosphoric acid catalyst CYCAT® XK 406 N increases crosslinking speed of phenolic resins for interior food can coatings resulting in an improved sulfur staining resistance and adhesion

Unblocked sulfonic acid catalysts with great versatility

CYCAT® 4040 and CYCAT® 600 are both categorized as unblocked acid catalysts. Their versatile features enable them to accelerate the crosslinking reaction at a reduced curing temperature (less than 100 oC) where blocked acid catalysts are ineffective. CYCAT® 4040 offers very good consistency and strength while CYCAT® 600 can be used as an effective alternative in systems with low alcohol content.
  • Initiates cure

  • Faster cure at ambient conditions

  • Good gloss characteristics

  • Used for 2k amino systems


Unblocked sulfonic acid catalysts with great versatility

allnex blocked sulfonic acid catalysts can be used in 1k industrial thermoset systems crosslinked with amino resin and provide better formulation stability without sacrificing cure response. Catalysts can be tailored to match requirements of solventborne or waterborne systems. Application areas include automotive OEM primers, basecoats and clearcoats, coil coating, packaging coatings, appliance finishes and general metal finishes.
  • Formulated package stability

  • Improves resistance properties

  • Used for 1k amino and phenolic systems


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