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Expertly designed to accelerate the cure response of amino crosslinking agents.

allnex supplies acid catalysts for accelerating the cure response of amino crosslinking agents. Each catalyst is designed to fulfill a specific applications requirement, and in most cases, one catalyst will be preferable over another depending on formula composition and curing conditions.
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allnex catalyst technologies

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  • Weak Acids

  • Sulfonic Acids including PTSA, DDBSA, DNNDSA, DNNSA

  • Amine Blocked or Covalently Bonded

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allnex catalyst innovation snapshot

As supplier of many of the resins and binders used in catalyzed coating formulations, we are uniquely positioned to bring to market catalyst technologies that optimize coating cure profile and finished properties. Our catalyst innovation methodology leverages this expertise and is focused on developing unique catalyst solutions to meet or improve upon specific application requirements, formulation resin content and desired cure conditions.

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CYCAT® This catalyst portfolio encompasses a portfolio of weak acid, strong acid and block catalyst materials designed to work with specific amino resin types and coating systems.

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