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Additives enhance the performance of paint formulations

Additives enhance the performance of paint formulations by modifying rheological properties, improving flow and leveling, reducing foam, improving pigment dispersability, accelerating cure and crosslinking, improving adhesion and reducing defects.

Our portfolio includes low VOC, and hazardous air pollutant substance-free (HAPS free) technologies for solvent-borne, water-borne, high solids, powder coatings, and energy curable systems in both existing and emerging markets.

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allnex additives technologies

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allnex additives innovation snapshot

Allnex has produced innovative products for many years, our technical team is constantly working on new innovation projects to provide high performance and environmental friendly products.

Here are some examples of our latest innovations:

  • Improved pigment Dispersing

  • Optimized appearance

  • Reduction of film defects like craters

  • Stabile  paint formulas

  • Easily incorporation

  • No VOC Impact and HAPS free

  • Cobalt free paint driers

  • Defoamers for lubricants and metal working fluids

  • Universal Additives for solvent and waterborne coatings

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allnex additives

our brand names

Brand Application
ADDITOL® All types of allnex coating additives.
CYCAT® Catalysts to speed up cross linking reactions of amino or phenolic resin cured stoving enamels or two-component polyurethane systems.
MODAFLOW® Acrylic based flow and leveling additives for solventborne or waterborne clearcoats or topcoats.

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