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Advanced composite manufacturing processes require sophisticated resin technologies.

As composite manufacturing processes become more advanced so do the resin technologies to enable the production of technically advanced and precise manufactured parts.

At allnex, we develop our composite resin systems with specific application and manufacturing processes in mind. The careful selection of the resin system will ensure not only the longevity of the final composite part but will also contribute to improved production efficiencies.

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allnex composites technologies

Resins, also referred to as polymer solutions, play an important role in composite manufacturing. They act as a bond between reinforcing fibres and protect composite structures against the harsh effects of chemicals and the environment. Our resins are all thermosetting polymers that start off as a liquid and undergo a chemical reaction to form crosslinks converting them to a solid. Our key technologies are as follow: 

  • DCPD

  • Epoxies

  • Gelcoats

  • Flowcoats

  • Unsaturated Polyesters

  • Vinyl Esters

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allnex composite innovation snapshot

allnex has produced innovative products for many years. Our technical team is constantly working on new projects to meet the specific application needs and manufacturing conditions of our customers. 

Our key innovation  focus areas include curing times, corrosion resistance, weatherability, fire resistance, cracking resistance, mechanical properties and adhesion to various substrates.

Here are some examples of our latest innovations:

  • Cobalt free

  • Low VOC

  • UV curable

  • Low profile

  • Improved corrosion resistance

  • Improved UV resistance

  • Fire retardancy

  • Better gloss retention

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Discover our market pages

allnex composite resins

our brand names

Brandname Applications
Aquaguard™ Resins and gelcoats formulated with Ortho-NPG technology to give the highest performance for ambient temperature cured fabrications, in particular for use in environmentally demanding applications such as marine and leisure. 
Fibretech™ Flowcoats developed using our Aquaguard™ technology to allow refurbishment of both fibreglass and concrete swimming pools. 
Nutech™ Resins and gelcoats formulated with ISO-NPG technology for applications where corrosion resistance is an important requirement. 
Polyplex™ and Viapal™ Our core range of products developed for all types of composites applications based on world leading technologies sourced from our technology partners or developed in our centres of excellence throughout the world.
Ultratec™ High performance specialty products developed for the most demanding applications including tooling gelcoats and resins, UV barrier coatings for sheeting products, CIPP systems for pipeline rehabilitation and fire retardant products used in transport and building applications. 

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