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Performance Applications

Tires & Rubber

CYREZ® amino HMMM resins

At allnex, we offer an industry-leading line of CYREZ® HMMM resins specifically formulated for the needs of the tire and rubber industry. Available in liquid form or on silicia carrier from manufacturing sites located throughout the world, these resins provide crosslinking and adhesion promotion benefits for tire manufacturers and rubber compounders.

  • Global production footprint
  • Broad product range
  • Crosslinking and adhesion promotion
CYREZ® amino HMMM resins

ALNOVOL® functionalized resins

allnex offers a portfolio of ALNOVOL® novalac phenolic crosslinkers for use in the tire and rubber industry, designed for both reinforcement and adhesion promotions applications.

  • Functionalized Phenolic Resins
  • Rubber Reinforcing
  • Adhesion Promotion
ALNOVOL® functionalized resins

ALNOVOL® PN 760 resorcinol free adhesion promotor resin

ALNOVOL® PN 760 is a modified phenol novalac used in rubber compounding as an adhesion promoter to steel and textile cords. It is a more environmentally friendly alternative to resorcinol or resorcinol-based resins and has similar or improved performance properties. This resin is part of allnex’s range of products developed specifically for the tire and rubber compounding industry.

  • Modified phenolic resin
  • Alternative to resorcinol-based adhesion
  • Improved performance

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ALNOVOL® PN 760 resorcinol free adhesion promotor resin

ALNOVOL® UF410 RPC rubber reinforcing resin

ALNOVOL® UF410 is a solvent-free carbamic resin combining the properties of a processing aid and reinforcing system. It functions to reduce compound viscosity, improves hardness and textile cord adhesion and can be used as a processing oil replacement in Apex, Bead and Textile cord compounds while still providing favorable processing characteristics.

  • For Optimized Rubber Compound & Processing
  • Available in liquid form or on silica carrier
ALNOVOL® UF410 RPC rubber reinforcing resin