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Energy Curable Resins

UV curable printing resins

The benefits of UV cure systems for printing

UV cure primers, inks and coatings are frequently used in printing processes and offer unique benefits not achievable with other technologies.  UV cure systems offer a high speed, quick dry (cure), low energy and environmentally friendly solution for all commonly used print methods – lithographic (offset), flexographic, screen, gravure and inkjet. Instead of drying ovens, UV cure is based on the use of ultraviolet (UV) light to initiate a photochemical reaction that crosslinks the polymers providing an instantly dried system which is immediately ready for further handling. This fast dry time also enhances printing results as dust and airborne impurities have almost no time to contaminate the print surface.

UV cure systems for printing do not rely on solvent for viscosity reduction and so there are no solvents to evaporate during the process resulting in virtually no VOC emissions and no coating thickness or volume loss. Thus, UV cure systems provide a finished print surface that is consistent and reliable while also improving productivity and reducing energy use, waste and pollution.
Besides inks, primers and overprint varnishes (OPVs) can be applied and cured as part of UV curable print systems. Primers act to standardize the print surface for performance and appearance in order to accept the subsequent ink application. OPVs provide a protective and aesthetic layer over the inks. With UV technology, a high gloss surface can be immediately achieved without need for any further steps. Additionally though, the OPV can be formulated to provide other aesthetically unique appearances that make the finished print surface stand out.

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allnex’ UV resins for printing provide remarkable results

Our oligomers, monomers and specialty resins are well suited for UV curable inks, primers and OPVs. These innovative products are easy to use and designed to provide you with the right solution to meet your application needs. Providing multiple possibilities for appearance as well as great stability and resistance properties, allnex UV resins offer enhanced properties to meet the high quality expectations of the printing market.

  • Shorter production cycles – eliminate drying times by UV curing

  • Solvent-free – reduced loss in film thickness & volume

  • Environmentally friendly – Almost no VOC, energy consumption, or pollutant release

  • Application versatility – From plastic to metal to paper applications

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Benefit from good adhesion and application versatility

The chlorinated polyesters EBECRYL® 416417418 441 offer great adhesion to multiple applications such as plastic substrates (PE, PP, PET, PC, OPS and PVC), metals, and paper when used in UV curing systems for printing – as well as in EB curing processes. They can be used in flexographic and lithographic (offset) inks and coatings. EBECRYL® 416417418 441 are free from intentionally added BPA making them a great choice for green applications.

  • Low/zero VOC

  • Available in multiple dilutions

  • Organo-tin-free

  • Good compatibility & application versatility

Need a perfectly matte finish without sacrificing performance?

EBECYRL® 898 displays a great matting effect in OPVs with less matting agent, leading to enhanced rheology and transparency and without sacrificing performance. You can easily achieve different gloss levels without the need for special additives. Combined with the right matting agents EBECYRL® 898 provides UV cured prints with dead matte finishes.

  • Excellent stain, scratch, & chemical resistance

  • Regulatory friendly – BPA-free, solvent-free, & monomer-free

  • High reactivity & good compatibility

  • Low viscosity, odor, & energy consumption

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The easiest way to supply UV cured prints with great chemical & solvent resistance

The BPA-free aromatic urethane acrylate EBECRYL® 2221 can be used in UV curing systems for printing with flexographic and lithographic (offset) inks as well as screen and gravure inks. Final prints and products also benefit from high chemical and solvent resistance, and improved hardness due to good surface curing. Its good compatibility and very high reactivity making EBECRYL® 2221 the perfect choice for a variety of applications.

  • BPA-free & tin-freee & PETIA-free

  • For use in inks and coatings

  • Very high reactivity & good compatibility

  • Good surface curing & hardness

  • High chemical & solvent resistance

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