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Packaging Coatings & Inks

Flexible Packaging

BPA free resins

With rising consumer awareness and regulation that prohibits use of BPA in packaging and containers, our BPA free products are developed to meet or exceed requirements for most applications with a similar cost. Our EBECRYL® 876 can match epoxy performance in OPVs (Over Print Varnishes). And our chlorinated polyesters including EBECRYL 416, 417, 418 & 441 are free from intentionally added BPA making them a great choice for green applications.

  • BPA Free
  • Solutions for food packaging
  • Same cost and performance as epoxies
BPA free resins

Waterborne adhesive for packaging

The blister packaging and the security card lamination industry need very high standards features to adhere the different layers of plastic. Our DAOTAN® TW 6450/30WA products in this regard give excellent adhesion to different plastic substrates and have a low VOC content. Apart from adhesion, these products give very good barrier properties and green strength.

  • Adhesion to various plastic substrates
  • High durability & elongation
  • High clarity and transparency

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DAOTAN® TW 6450/30WA

Waterborne adhesive for packaging

Low migration resins for food packaging

Energy curing (UV/EB) technologies have already made significant inroads into non-food applications due to the numerous advantages (e.g. high gloss, excellent resistance properties, high printing speed, fast drying or cure times, no VOC and low system cost). The usual concerns to use UV inks in food packaging are odor and taste transfer, migration of existing resins and of photo-initiators as well as presence of chemicals of concern. To address above mentioned fears, allnex is offering low migration resins as well as EBECRYL® LEO resins.

  • Low odor, low extractable
  • No VOC
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
Low migration resins for food packaging

Want to reduce or eliminate photo-intiators? Test our Solutions!

With growing concerns on photo-initiator migration for packaging coatings and inks, allnex has 3 ways it can help: EBECRYL® LEO Self Curing Resins, EBECRYL LED 03 & LED 04 UV LED boosters and polymeric photo-intiator EBECRYL® P 39

  • UV LED booster
  • easy to handle polymeric benzophenone
  • self-curing resins
Want to reduce or eliminate photo-intiators? Test our Solutions!