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Energy Curable Resins

Waterbased UV resins

The fastest growing technology in the wood coatings market

Waterborne UV curable systems combine the eco-friendly benefits of water-based systems with the performance and productivity advantages of UV curable systems.. Their low viscosity make them ideal (but not limited to) for sprayable formulations and they can be used in a wide array of applications and substrates, ranging from primers and sealers to hard and top coats for interior or exterior use.

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Waterborne UV curable resins, combining an unique set of performance characteristics

UV PUD’s offer an unique balance between flexibility and hardness thanks to the differentiated steps of film forming followed by film curing. Other performance attributes include a very good control over gloss levels (high and low), the possibility to resolve the film in water before cure, a high resistance and hardness after cure and a low minimum film formation temperature (MFFT) avoiding the use of coalescing agents.

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Our innovation focus in waterborne UV resins

With the UCECOAT® portfolio, allnex’ offers the broadest range of waterborne UV curable resins in the industry to address the needs and challenges of different markets, like industrial wood, packaging coatings & inks, plastic & metal coatings amongst many others. Our innovation is focused on the environmental benefit of waterborne UV curable systems, while addressing the most stringent performance requirements such as:

  • Pigment wetting

  • Multi-substrate adhesion

  • Good water release

  • Non-yellowing on cure

  • Balance of flexibility and hardness

  • Stain and chemical resistance

  • Gloss control

  • Bio-based content

  • Exterior durability

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Some of our latest innovations on waterborne UV curable resins.

The UCECOAT® 7999 is a bio-based tin-free and APEO-free UV-curable polyurethane dispersion with reduced carbon content for clear and white formulations developed for a wide range of industrial wood applications. The inclusion of the product is a significant proof of allnex longstanding commitment to the development of greener solutions. The sustainability benefits of this product include lower VOC emissions and energy consumption.

  • ~22% bio-based content

  • High hardness after cure

  • Easy film formation without the use of co-solvent

  • High reactivity

  • High mechanical and chemical resistance after cure

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Perfect for outdoor wood joinery topcoats

The UCECOAT® 7689 is a UV-curable polyurethane dispersion which is tack-free after water evaporation. It has been developed for wood joinery topcoat and other outdoor applications. The formulations multi-substrate adhesion characteristics make it ideal as a binder in topcoats for outdoor application on wood joinery already coated with a conventional basecoat. Through the medium of its non-irritant nature and low viscosity, it can be applied safely by spray-, roller- and curtain coating methods and provides excellent stain and chemical resistance.

  • Excellent outdoor resistance

  • High gloss retention

  • Physical drying

  • Optimized colloidal stability

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UCECOAT® 7520 combines low VOC and great yellowing resistance

The UCECOAT® 7520 is a tin-free UV-curable polyurethane dispersion recommended for industrial wood application. It is the optimal choice when trying to combine low VOC emissions and combat yellowing or discoloration that occurs during curing.

  • Low yellowing on cure

  • Outstanding water release

  • Excellent hardness

  • Tin Free and VOC free

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