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Energy Curable Resins

UV LED curing resins & additives

UV LED curing is the safe and eco-friendly alternative

UV LED curing technology is an innovative and emerging method of cure for many industrial markets. In the UV LED curing process, liquids are exposed to wavelength specific UV light which initiates a chemical reaction that hardens the liquid. Similar to other UV and EB curing sources, UV LED offers a fast, clean and safe cure process. UV LED lamps offer a constant output of light and require less maintenance providing more consistent cure over their lifetime. UV LED lamps generate less heat, operate at lower temperatures and reduce overall energy consumption versus other light sources for curing making them a more sustainable curing solution.
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Enhance your UV LED curing process

With the right additives and resins, you can easily get the most out of your curing process with UV LED lamps. Not only can allnex’s UV LED curing resins speed production up but also enhance performance attributes such as cross-linking density or color strength. Learn more about your benefits:
  • Shorter production cycles – complete and fast surface cure make faster production possible
  • High compatibility – easy to incorporate with most acrylate monomers and oligomers
  • Tough, hard and durable – final coatings are scratch and chemically resistant
  • Eco-friendly curing – low temperature curing, low/zero VOC emissions, BPA-free structure and improved labeling


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Our versatile product line for UV LED curing systems

UV LED booster resins EBECRYL® LED 03, EBECRYL ® LED 04 and EBECRYL ® LED 05 can be added as a co-resin to UV curable formulations and transform these into powerful UV LED, UV-A, or low energy curable systems by providing improved surface cure. Furthermore, when choosing the appropriate product within the EBECRYL® LED line, other formulation properties like pigment wetting and adhesion can be further enhanced. These UV LED booster resins are suited for performance applications and packaging coatings, plus, they are BPA-free, emit low to zero VOC, and may offer better labeling which make them a perfect fit for a greener UV LED curing. Final UV LED cure coatings benefit from improved scratch and chemical resistance, and improved hardness.
  • ​Low temperature curing
  • Faster cycle time
  • No or low flammability
  • Lower energy consumption

When fast curing times and great properties are needed

EBECRYL® 8811 and EBECRYL® 225 are perfect choice when rapid surface cure is needed in both high and low energy cure systems. This makes these urethane acrylate materials useful to obtain good surface cure in UV LED and UV-A curing. Films containing EBECRYL® 8811 or EBECRYL 225 that are cured by UV light excel in abrasion and yellowing resistance, and toughness. These UV LED curing resins are recommended for specialty coatings, industrial wood and packaging coatings.
  • ​​Abrasion resistance
  • Good for clear coat applications
  • Multi-substrate adhesion

High compatibility for UV curing meets good property balancing

EBECRYL 5849 is a unique, highly reactive grade that is as well suitable for UV LED curing. Final products benefit from a good balance of properties such as improved hardness alongside high gloss potential. EBECRYL 5849 is a BPA-free, bio based raw material that reduces energy consumption and has a lower carbon footprint than other UV LED curing resins & additives.
  • Low temperature curing
  • Faster cycle time
  • No or low flammability
  • Lower energy consumption

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