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Amino Crosslinkers

Coil Coating Additives, Crosslinkers & Resins

Coil Coating is the Go-To for Durable Finishes

Coil coating is a special industrial process and most notably highly automated and continuous. In this form of coating, metal is pretreated which means that the coating is applied before it gets cut or formed thus allowing for firmly adhering and bonding finishes. Furthermore, coil coated metal can be far more resistant to corrosion and more durable due to these perfectly tight coatings. Most of the time, formed metal parts tend to have holes, valleys or recessed areas that make them hard to postcoat evenly – that is why precoating is the go-to process for non-stop productions and where highly durable coatings are required. However, coil coatings also require a great flexibility property.

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Coil Coatings with allnex: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

The coil coating process depends on high efficiency as it needs to be fast, continuous and automated with no time to spare. Our experts have been working on making your productions better and faster as well as your coatings harder and stronger by creating highly efficient crosslinkers, additives and resins for coil coatings. We’ll gladly help you to determine what best fits your needs! Learn more about your benefits for coil coatings in allnex’ products:

  • Optimized coating cure profile – the overall great, thorough and fast curing helps to speed up your coating process

  • Enhanced coating functionality – no matter what characteristics you need: We can make it happen

  • Outstanding hardness meets flexibility – our additives improve the hardness of final coil coatings while keeping them perfectly flexible

  • High resistance & durability – benefit from low yellowing and corrosion resistance which make your coats even more durable

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Our Coil Coating Resins for Topcoats

Get the maximum value out of every square meter with allnex‘ DUROFTAL® solventborne polyester resins. Especially the DUROFTAL® VPE 6128/70SNABG shows excellent properties such as good gloss, great adhesion or preeminent flexibility due to its high solids content. This polyester coil coating resin is oil free, linear and saturated. Learn more about its formulation and final product advantages:

  • Excellent weathering
  • Great balance between hardness & flexibility
  • High solids
  • Low VOC
  • Excellent adhesion & resistance

Versatile Acid Catalysts for Coil Coating Formulations

CYCAT® 6051 is an extremely hydrophobic acid catalyst based on dinonylnaphthalene sulfonic acid supplied at 50% active in n-butanol. It is an oil soluble sulfonic acid that gives excellent humidity resistance in high bake amino and phenolic systems. CYCAT® 6051 advantages:

  • Maximum water resistance

  • Excellent resistance to overbake

  • Less interaction with pigments

  • Low conductivity

  • Good flow and leveling

When working at low temperatures, you should definitely take a closer look at the amino blocked acidic catalyst CYCAT® VXK 6395. It was especially developed for cross-linking urea and melamine curing systems and is one of the best additives for improved cross-linking density and intercoat adhesion. Its low temperature curing reduces energy consumption and lowers its carbon footprint which make CYCAT® VXK 6395 a good green alternative.

  • High compatibility

  • Faster cycle time

  • Good balance of properties

  • Low temperature curing

For blocked strong acids we recommend our amine blocked para-toluene sulfonic acid catalyst CYCAT® 4045 as it provides outstanding stability in waterborne systems as well as high solids. Furthermore, this coil coating catalyst can be added to such waterborne systems without causing a binder precipitation. Beyond that, CYCAT® 4045 is suited for 1K systems formulated with amino resins providing improved formulation package stability. Our advantages:

  • Faster curing cycles

  • Improved stability

  • No influence in pH value

Powerful Coil Coating Amino Crosslinkers

One of allnex’ amino crosslinkers in our melamine’s product group is the resin CYMEL® 325. This methylated high imino melamine crosslinker is highly reactive and tends to self-condensate. Both traits result in good hardness, outdoor durability and chemical resistance. Furthermore, the crosslinker does not require an acid catalyst and releases only low formaldehyde. As the CYMEL® 325 resin is suited for a wide variety of waterborne and solvent borne baking applications it is the right choice for you in coil coating. Learn more about its final product advantages:

  • Good surface hardness

  • High outdoor durability

  • Good gloss characteristics

  • Excellent chemical resistance

One of allnex’ great coil coating resins in the urea product group is the partially n-butylated urea resin CYMEL® U-21-511. Its most defining characteristic is its excellent compatibility with epoxy resins, thus, it is commonly used for epoxy coil primers that will be top coated and re-baked. Its low viscosity and compatibility for epoxy solutions make CYMEL® U-21-511 an ideal modifier. More advantages:​

  • Great compatibility with high molecular weight epoxy resins

  • Good adhesion

  • Xylene free

Our C303 type coil coating resin CYMEL® 303 LF is a monomeric melamine, highly methylated crosslinker. It’s a highly effective crosslinking agent that can be used in a wide range of applications as it does not tend to self-condense and bears a high extent of alkylation. The crosslinker is insoluble in water but shows excellent compatibility when combined with water soluble backbone polymers. Learn more about the advantages of CYMEL® 303 LF:

  • Very good stability

  • Great application range

  • High compatibility

Additives for Every Trait You Desire


Our flow and leveling agent ADDITOL® XL 480 optimizes film properties of coil coatings while preventing film cratering for an outstanding coating quality. The additive also comes with a great compatibility as it can be used with any type of paint material such as alkyd/melamine systems or acrylics. Benefit from the following traits:

  • Environmentally friendly (e.g. low VOC, BPA-free)
  • Improved flexibility & inter-coat adhesion
  • Overbake resistant
  • Improved DOI / dullness
  • High gloss potential

If you need easy to clean surfaces that excel in brilliancy, gloss, and DOI, then our unique hybrid polymer flow additive MODAFLOW® Lambda might grab your attention. This additive is very compatible in non-aqueous topcoat and clear coat formulations and performs extremely nice in its leveling attributes. Furthermore, this coil coating additive is environmentally friendly due to being BPA-free, emitting low/zero VOC, and formaldehyde free for instance. Learn more about your benefits:​

  • Anti-orange peel effect
  • Good property balance
  • high gloss potential
  • Gimproved DOI and brilliancy
  • No/less flammability

allnex’ newly developed dispersing additive for TiO2 and other inorganic pigments in solventborne systems is ADDITOL® XL 6577. This dispersing agent is the right choice when deflocculating and stabilization of inorganic pigments is needed. Benefit from a higher sagging resistance resulting in even better coil coatings. Discover more about the ADDITOL® XL 6577:

  • High gloss potential
  • Higher pigment loading
  • Improved appearance
  • Higher sagging resistance
  • Tin free formulation

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