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Amino Crosslinkers

Amino crosslinkers tuned for every application:

Throughout the coatings industry, amino crosslinkers are use in a variety of applications ranging from: automotive, coil, general industry to industrial wood, paper, foils and electronics. These crosslinkers, rich in amino groups, form vital bonds within coatings and are typically combined with Acrylic, Polyester, Alkyd and Epoxy resins where they can react with hydroxy-functional or epoxy functional groups. These crosslinkers can also be used in combination with other crosslinking technologies to find the right balance in performance. Our portfolio highlighted below, provides solutions for both solvent borne and waterborne coatings as well as the typical catalysts needed to initiate the reaction. Next to this we have a range of HMMM resins suited for the rubber, tire and compounding industry

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allnex amino crosslinkers

Name Applications
Melamine Crosslinking with melamine resins imparts coatings with unique characteristics: exceptional heat resistance, heightened hardness, and remarkable UV stability. This yields coatings that maintain structural integrity and aesthetic appeal under elevated temperatures and prolonged exposure to sunlight, making them invaluable for applications requiring longevity in challenging environmental conditions. A full range of methylated, high imino,partly methylated, (iso-) butylated resins
Formaldehyde free Melamine based resins which react through carbamate functionality avoiding the release of formaldehyde upon cure. Coatings show similar properties to typical melamine crosslinking agens. These crosslinkers are also compatible with (blocked-)isocyanates to achieve balance properties in a variety of applications such as: coil, inks, industrial wood, automotive OEM.
Urea Incorporating urea crosslinking resins into coatings yields distinct advantages: heightened adhesion, bolstered mechanical resilience, and notable impact resistance. This results in coatings that endure harsh conditions, resist damage, and maintain their integrity over time, making them particularly valuable for high-wear environments and substrates.
HMMM Highly methylated melamine resins consist of
commercial versions of hexamethoxymethylmelamine
Highly methylated melamine resins, differ primarily in their degree of
alkylation and monomer content. All are efficient crosslinking agents for hydroxyl, carboxyl and amide functional polymers to create flexible and though films, which can be formulated at low VOC.
Glycouril Glycouril resins are based on different chemistry than typical melamine resins. The cyclical structure provides adhesion, flexibility without sacrificing UV resistance. The crosslinkers have a lower degree of functionality and release low amounts of formaldehyde upon curing.
Benzoguanamine Benzoguanamine resins have a phenyl group incorporated in them, which reduces functionality and UV resistance. These crosslinkers are typically used in applications or as blends when higher degree of flexibility is required.
Catalysts Highly soluable proton donors, to initiate the reaction with amino crosslinkers. A variatity of strong, weak, blocked catalysts for both solvent and waterborne systems.

Your success is our goal

allnex’ amino crosslinker product portfolios are focused around innovating solutions and creating new chemistries for your long term needs. Our approach is based on gaining a fundamental understanding of the technical and environmental challenges encountered by our customers. With this in mind our portfolios provide a wide range of technologies to match your application requirements.

  • Curing time and temperature

  • Balance of properties like gloss, hardness, chemical resistance and flexibility

  • Reactive with a variety of functional sites including hydroxyl, carboxyl, amide, carbamate

  • Options for high solids, lower VOC and low or no formaldehyde content or emissions

Amino crosslinkers for automotive topcoats

Allnex offers a broad range of CYMEL® and SETAMINE® crosslinkers used in each layer of the auto OEM coating process.

For automotive topcoats they provide your applications with high film hardness and good chemical resistance plus they offer improved durability and allow for perfectly even finishes due to improved flow and leveling. 

The urea formaldehyde resin with the quickest cure speed of them all

Part of the CYMEL® product line is also the partially iso-butylated urea crosslinking resin CYMEL® UI-27-EI. This particular amino crosslinker excels in hardness and extremely high curing speed. The CYMEL® UI-27-EI can best be used in conversion varnish applications like cabinetry and wood furniture.

  • Extremely short curing time

  • Excellent film hardness

  • Suitable for industrial wood and metal

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Searching for an HMMM-based product for rubber applications?

The CYREZ® amino resin crosslinker portfolio includes hexamethoxymethyl melamine (HMMM) based materials supplied in liquid or powder blend form and function as crosslinking resins in the tire and rubber compounding market.

Some of the advantages in using HMMM in comparison to the more conventional amino resins are that HMMM is available at a near 100% non-volatile content and offers improved performance.

Our CYREZ® 963 product family is a portfolio of HMMM liquid resins and our CYREZ® 964 as well as our CYREZ® CRA 200-300 product family are carried by precipitated silica.

  • Adds remarkably stable and resistant finish

  • Offers improved film flexibility

  • Near 100% non-volatile content

Versatile Acid Catalysts for Coating Formulations

In addition to amino crosslinkers, allnex offers CYCAT® acid catalysts to accelerate the cure speed of coating formulations for applications from coil to wood and everywhere in between.
CYCAT® 6051 is an extremely hydrophobic acid catalyst based on dinonylnaphthalene sulfonic acid supplied at 50% active in n-butanol used in coil coatings. It is an oil soluble sulfonic acid that gives excellent humidity resistance in high bake amino and phenolic systems. CYCAT® 6051 advantages:

  • Maximum water resistance

  • Excellent resistance to overbake

  • Less interaction with pigments

  • Low conductivity

  • Good flow and leveling

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CYCAT® 6051

Our Innovation focus in amino crosslinkers

Combined with a legacy of providing innovative amino products to the market for decades, our global R&D and technical services team continues to develop new products to meet customer and market needs. We are dedicated to release market-leading high-quality products. These products offer enhanced performance, increased ease-of-use, reduced cost and environmental advantages.

Our innovation portfolio is focused around several core themes:

  • Improving overall coating performance, functionality and durability

  • Addressing chemicals of concern including low or no formaldehyde including CYMEL NF 2000A

  • Reducing carbon footprint with low temperature cure crosslinkers

  • Emitting little or no volatile material during curing process

  • Enhancing adhesion, as well as the suitable combination of flexibility, film toughness, chemical resistance and gloss.

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allnex amino crosslinkers

our brands

Brand Applications
CYMEL® Includes alkylated (methylated, butylated and mixed ether) melamine-formaldehyde resins, alkylated urea-formaldehyde resins, benzoguanamine, glycoluril resins and formaldehyde free resins.
CYREZ® Amino melamine HMMM-based materials supplied in liquid or powder blend form and function as crosslinking resins in the tire and rubber compounding market.
SETAMINE® amino resin crosslinker portfolio includes butylated melamine and urea resins.

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