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Acrylate Crosslinkers

Polyester Acrylates

Polyester acrylates for improved material performance in UV/EB curing systems

Polyester acrylates are part of the acrylate crosslinkers technologies consisting of polyester acrylates, epoxy acrylates, urethane acrylates, acrylated acrylics, amine modified polyether acrylates and acrylate monomers. They are used to achieve superior mechanical properties, improve coating processes, avoid or reduce VOCs and increase the reactivity. A lot of polyester acrylates tend to have lower viscosity which makes them very compatible for many applications. They allow for a better ease of handling and formulation changes become more predictable.
Polyester acrylates are usually cured under ultraviolet light (UV) or by an electron beam (EB). Therefore, the curing process is fast and efficient, while the results gain good flexibility, toughness, yellowing resistance and surface hardness.

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allnex’ polyester acrylates product portfolio

Our polyester acrylates can be used where excellent physical properties are required, however cost and efficiency need to be balanced. Discover the benefits of our range of acrylic acrylates:

  • High cure speed – ensure efficiency with a faster and leaner production process due to shorter curing times

  • Wide range of viscosities – our polyester acrylates offer low to high viscosity options to cater to your formulation needs

  • Versatile building blocks provide a myriad of backbone structure – unlock a widerange of desired properties for any formulation in wood coatings, printing inks and overprint varnish.

  • Good adhesion – polyester acrylates offer good adhesion properties to different substrates.

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Building a bridge between cost and performance

Our polyester acrylates offer the perfect balance between cost and performance in our range of acrylate crosslinkers. This family of products are the most versatile in performance and cost. Whereas, epoxy acrylates are mainly used for hard coatings and fast cure response and   urethane acrylates excel in toughness and outdoor durability, polyester acrylates occupy the performance spectrum in between.
allnex leverages its many decades of knowhow and synthesis skills to develop and commercialize polyester acrylates that are designed to resolve market needs at the appropriate cost. Our teams around the world are available to help you in your selection of the most suitable grade or develop a solution to your coating resins problem.

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For good adhesion to metals, plastics and paper

Films of EBECRYL® 416 are known to display good adhesion to metals, plastics and paper when cured by EB or UV light. This chlorinated polyester resin is free from BPA and is diluted with trimethylolpropane triacrylate (TMPTA) monomer. Furthermore, EBECRYL® 416 is suited for flexography and lithography inks. Learn more:

  • Excellent adhesion on multiple surface types

  • Low/zero VOC

  • Good compatibility

  • Good pigment wetting properties

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Great resistance meets improved hardness

One of the great advantages of EBECRYL® 895 is its great resistance against scratches, mechanical influence and abrasion. Thus, this multifunctional oligomer is particularly useful in curable inks and coatings where such resistance is crucial. Other perfect traits are its improved cure response and the overall hardness of coatings containing EBECRYL® 895. The high reactivity of EBECRYL® 895 helps boost your LED UV formulation as well. Learn more about its properties:

  • Low temperature curing

  • Faster cycle time

  • ​Low/zero VOC

  • BPA free

  • Improved mechanical, scratch & abrasion resistance

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Where high flexibility and excellent abrasion resistance meet

Coatings that contain EBECRYL® 1885 excel in flexibility and abrasion resistance when cured by EB or UV. This undiluted polyester acrylate resin also has a good compatibility and long potlife. Applications containing EBECRYL® 1885 benefit from this long potlife, too, and allow low temperature curing which results in a lower energy consumption and a smaller carbon foot print. Final coatings benefit from a good balance of properties:

  • Great Abrasion resistance

  • Improved flexibility

  • High gloss potential

  • ​Low/zero VOC

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