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Our values

Our Values


Protecting our employees, communities and environment from harm is the foundation for all of our activities.


We celebrate diversity and are committed to an environment where all colleagues contribute for the benefit of our employees, our products, and our communities.


Be honest, transparent and respectful. We adhere to a code of conduct which enables us to navigate challenging situations.


We comply with all relevant regulations in each of the countries where we operate, including rules relating to safety, health and the environment.

Value Creation

We strive to provide quality products to our customers and returns for our investors, as well as giving back to the communities in which we operate.


Teaming and collaboration are important for engaging with upstream and downstream partners to create mutually beneficial solutions.


allnex cultural priorities


We will engage in healthy risk taking, with a proactive approach and a long-term focus. We are empowered to make decisions and recommendations, and will review solutions with a creative lens. Challenging the existing status quo is part of how we work to continously improve our business.

Customer focused

A focus on our customers, internal or external, underpins everything we do. We understand and anticipate customers' needs and take prompt action to provide high quality products and services to exceed their expectations.

Results oriented

We will hold ourselves, and one another, accountable for decisions and their execution, delivering high-quality results on time. We will be able to exercise for freedom within budgets, yet will demonstrate responsibility for overall, holistic results against business targets, with a focus on continously improving.

Open communication

We work in a stand up-speak culture. We demonstrate mutual respect for diverse points of view, and recognize that this plays an important role in driving our results. We do not limit our communications to the confines of hierarchy or other boundaries - we are one organization.

Listen to what our values and cultural priorities mean to our colleagues every day