Waterborne road line marking

  • Rapid dry
  • Rapid development of wash-out resistance
  • Water based line marking

Road line markings must offer a combination of features including ability to apply by high volume airless spray coupled with rapid development of early wash-out resistance and long term durability, coupled with retention of glass beads for night time reflectivity to maximize the safety of all road users. SETAQUA® ExpressLine 88 meets the challenges of this demanding application.

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Road Markings

Layer or Chemistry Technology Product Benefits Free sample request
Exterior line marking - Topcoats WB Acrylic SETAQUA® ExpressLine 88 Fast dry water-based road line marking paints. Request sample


Additives for your coating formulations
Technology Product Benefits Free sample request
Multipurpose Additive ADDITOL® XL 270 Unique additive for improved dispersing, stabilization against floating and sedimentation as well as rheology. Request sample
Foam control ADDITOL® XW 6569 ADDITOL® XW 6569 is an extremely efficient silicone defoamer with excellent recoatibility making this defoamer a first choice for both paint manufacturing and application requirements. Request sample

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