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Personal Care & Encapsulation

Gel Nails

Maximizing consumer convenience

Today’s consumer expects a comfortable manicure experience. Future generations of gel nail formulations will be convenient to cure, easy to remove, but without compromises on the aesthetics or the durability of the gel nail. 
allnex has developed a range of EBECRYL® oligomers that are ideally suited for formulating UV or LED UV cured gel nails systems. This broad portfolio of low-color and non-yellowing resins offers solutions to meet consumer’s requests: urethane acrylates having a low exothermal peak, urethane acrylates that are easy to remove, and LED boosters that will ensure a dry surface after curing.

  • Low heat generation
  • Easy removal
  • No wipe-off
Maximizing consumer convenience

Meeting regulatory requirements

Manufacturers of cosmetic goods are impacted by the increasing complexity of the chemical regulatory environment.
At allnex, we can make available INCI names for oligomers that are potentially suitable for use in gel nails and provide input to help formulators in the assessment for compliance with specific cosmetic legislation.

  • Regulatory Affairs support
  • providing INCI names
  • No use of CMR-substances
Meeting regulatory requirements