Coil Coatings

Coil and Precoated Metal

Crosslinkers & Catalysts for high performance coil coatings

  • Broad Amino Crosslinker Portfolio
  • Optimize Coating Cure Profile
  • Enhance Coating Functionality

Our industry leading portfolio of CYMEL®, SETAMINE® and ETERMINO® amino crosslinkers and CYCAT® catalysts provides customers a range of high performance resins that customers can use to optimize coating processing characteristics and in-use performance including coating durability, flexibility and appearance.  Our diverse portfolio includes butylated, methylated and mixed ether melamine amino resins that can be used in topcoat and base coat applications.

Economy in use with high yield resins

  • Excellent weathering
  • Outstanding hardness with flexibility
  • High solids

Although the coil coating process is very efficient, you want to provide your customers with the maximum value per square meter applied. With our DUROFTAL®, we can offer high solid solutions with excellent properties.

Get rid of hazardous solvents with waterborne for coil

  • Excellent durability
  • Good hardness with good flexibility
  • Non yellowing

If your customer is trying to get rid of hazardous materials and reduce the amount of flammable goods they need to store on site, waterborne resins can provide a solution. With our VIACRYL® and RESYDROL® range we can offer a waterborne solution without compromising on performance.

Low VOC solutions for coil and pre-treated metal

  • Broad technology offering
  • Good compatibility
  • Low VOC

From waterbased primers, monocoats and topcoats to high solid resilient solvent borne topcoats. Allnex has broad technology offering in liquid resins to optimize performance, appearance and application properties. Check out our DUROFTAL®, SETAL®, BECKOPOX®, VIACRYL® range.

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allnex product highlights

Coil Coatings

Layer Technology Product Benefits Free sample request
Topcoats SB Polyester DUROFTAL® VPE 6128/70SNABG High solids, with excellent balance between hardness and flexibility. Request sample
Topcoats WB Acrylics VIACRYL® SC 6276W/44WA High flexibility and good hardness. Excellent solvent and boiling water resistance. Very low yellowing and excellent gloss retention. Request sample


Crosslinkers for your coating formulations
Technology Product Benefits Free sample request
Amino: Melamine-Methylated CYMEL® 303 LF Workhorse high solids HMMM product available globally from multiple source loations, free formaldehyde <0.1%. Request sample
Amino: Melamine-Methylated CYMEL® 325 High Imino resin for fast-cure response; does not require acid catalyst, low formaldehyde release. Request sample
Amino: Urea-Butylated CYMEL® U-662 Iso-Butylated urea resins with medium-high reactivity; low formaldehyde emissions. Request sample
Amino: Melamin-Mixed Ether CYMEL® 1130 High solid mixed ether melamine designed primarily for anodic e-coat applications. Request sample
Strong Acid Catalyst CYCAT® 600 Recommended for high solids formulations with hydrocarbon solubility. Request sample
Strong Acid Catalyst CYCAT® 600A Recommended for high solids formulations with hydrocatbon solubility. Request sample
Weak Acid Catalyst CYCAT® 4045 Amine blocked alkyl benzene sulfonic acid catalyst for 1K systems formulated with amino resins. Request sample
Strong Acid Catalyst CYCAT® 4040 Strong alkyl benzene sulfonic acid catalyst for highly alkylated melamine, benzoguanamine, glycoluril and urea resins. Request sample


Additives for your coating formulations
Technology Product Benefits Free sample request
Flow & Leveling ADDITOL® XL 480 Highly efficient flow and leveling additive that has been developed to optimize film properties while limiting quality issues caused by film cratering. Request sample
Flow & leveling MODAFLOW® LAMBDA Unique hybrid polymer flow additive for improved DOI, gloss, brilliancy and appearance. Special utilization for easy to clean surfaces. Request sample
Dispersing ADDITOL® XL 6577  Newly developed additive designed for highly efficient dispersion of TiO2 and other inorganic pigments in solventborne systems.  Developed to be the most efficient product in the market when used to develop VOC sensitive coatings.    Request sample
Catalyst CYCAT® VXK 6395 Best in class blocked pTSA catalyst for improved cross linking density and intercoat adhesion.  Request sample