Industrial Wood

Combining solid sustainability benefits with performance in use value

  • Sustainability benefits in addition to the required performance
  • Designed for the industrial Wood Market sustainability requirement
  • Wide set of technology options

Our ECOWISE™ CHOICE product selection will help you build a sustainability and performance value-based proposition in the Industrial Wood market, and meet key requirements of eco labels and leading industry players. ECOWISE™ CHOICE is the outcome of applying best practices of Sustainable Portfolio Management to our business and addresses the fundamental sustainability topics in the industry as air quality, exposure to chemicals, material and energy efficiency, renewable & recycled content.

Amino resins for high performance industrial wood coatings

  • Includes Buylated Urea Aminos
  • Includes formaldehyde free resins
  • For ambient and heat-cured wood coatings

allnex provides an industry leading portfolio of CYMEL®, SETAMINE®, and ETERMINO® amino crosslinkers and CYCAT® catalysts for industrial wood applications.  This diverse portfolio includes urea and formaldehyde free resins offering a range of product compositions and coating cure characteristics.

Eco-friendly crosslinker for water-based industrial wood

  • Formaldehyde Free Water-Based Crosslinker
  • Enables Ultra-Low or No-VOC Coatings
  • Excellent Hardness & Sandability System

allnex has crosslinking resins to address need for coating formulations with ultra-low VOC and reduced chemicals of concern. Our CYMEL® NF 3030 is a water-based, VOC non-intended formaldehyde free crosslinker for acid-catalyzed industrial wood applications as an alternative to isocyanate and formaldehyde-containing systems. This innovative crosslinker provides the ability to formulate a low-VOC system with excellent early hardness, sandability and extended pot life. 

High stain resistance for pigmented furniture finishes

  • Improved stain resistance
  • Shorter dispersion time
  • Improved TiO2 utilization

Achieving high stain resistance with water based coating solutions requires an additives package for optimal coffee stain resistance. Our new acrylic based dispersant, SETAQUA® 6302 optimizes coffee stain resistance of pigmented water based furniture coatings.

Low temperature cure powder coatings for kitchen cabinets


High gloss and chemical resistance are a perfect combination for kitchen cabinets. Our specifically designed range of CRYLCOAT® hybrid 50:50 resins cure as low 130°C, making them ideal for application onto MDF and HDF.  CRYLCOAT® 1501-6 has excellent flow, high gloss and chemical resistance. These properties, coupled with one pass application, means the resulting coatings don't only look good, but your customer saves time and energy through efficient processing.

The CRYLCOAT® 1545-6 was created by allnex chemists to bring sustainability to the formulator on two fronts. First, this tin-free 50/50 hybrid contains no tin compounds, making it a safe choice for any application, and secondly, its low bake temperature reduces the energy requirement for curing and allows powder coatings to be formulated for wood and mdf.


The best chemical resistance for your kitchen cabinets

  • Outstanding stain resistance
  • Fast curing
  • Clearcoat and pigmented systems

Need to make your kitchen cabinet coating resistant to coffee, mustard, ketchup, with clear or pigmented coating, in combination with outstanding appearance and durability? Our broad range of UV curable acrylates (100% or waterborne) will help you tick all the boxes, with little or no VOC emissions and lower overall costs per cured part.

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allnex product highlights

Kitchen Cabinets

Application Technology Product Benefits Free sample request
MDF Hybrid 50:50 CRYLCOAT® 1501-6 High gloss, chemical resistance and cure at 130C. Tin-free version CRYLCOAT® 1545-6. Request sample
MDF UV Powder UVECOAT® 3005 For texture finishes for MDF applications. Very good chemcial and scratch resistances. Request sample
Paper upgrade Polyester acrylate EBECRYL® 809 Good flexibility, surface hardness, toughness and moderate viscosity. Request sample
Paper upgrade Polyester acrylate EBECRYL® 4175 Hard, high gloss. For clear and pigmented primers and topcoats; good sandability, adhesion and intercoat adhesion; improves scratch resistance of UV topcoats. Request sample
Wood Aliphatic urethane acrylate EBECRYL® 5129/20 HD High reactivity, scratch, chemical and abrasion resistances. Request sample
Wood Epoxy acrylate EBECRYL® 600/35 OT Good pigment wetting. Request sample
Wood Polyester acrylate EBECRYL® 810 Pigment wetting, low viscosity. Request sample
Wood Polyester acrylate EBECRYL® 851 High (good) hardness and chemical resistance. Request sample
Wood Polyester acrylate EBECRYL® 4381 Hard, reactive. For clear and pigmented primers and topcoats; improved in reactivity, good adhesion and sandability. Request sample
Wood  WBUV-PUD UCECOAT® 7655 High stain resistance, scratch and reactivity in white pigment and clear. Request sample
Wood WBUV-PUD UCECOAT® 7674 High adhesion and wetting on wood. Resoluble in water before UV cure. Request sample
Wood WBUV-PUD UCECOAT® 7700 Very high hardness and scratch resistance, high stain and blockin gfor high end furniture top, included pigmented chemical resistance. Request sample
Wood WBUV-PUD UCECOAT® 7788 Versatile resin with good stability and good balance of coating properties, wide compatibilities with resins and additives. Request sample
Wood WBUV-urethane acrylic solution UCECOAT® 6558 High wood wetting adhesion and flexibility. Resoluble in water before UV cure. Request sample


Crosslinkers for your coating formulations
Chemistry/Functionality Technology Product Benefits Free sample request
Aminos Formaldehyde free CYMEL® NF 3030 Waterborne borne formaldehyde free crosslinker allowing for formulation of ultra-low VOC coating systems. Request sample
Aminos Formaldehyde free CYMEL® NF 3041 Solventborne formaldehyde free crosslinker for wood and plastic applications. Excellent film properties. Request sample
Aminos Melamine- methylated CYMEL® 304 Fast-curing version of HMMM for wood coatings for lower temperature cure applications, free formaldehyde <0.1%. Request sample
Aminos Urea - butylated CYMEL® UI-19-I Iso-butylated urea resin with good cure used primarily in interior and non-UV resistant applications. Request sample
Aminos Urea-butylated CYMEL® UI-21-E Iso-butylated urea resin in ethanol; fast curing; low formaldehyde emission. Request
Aminos Urea - butylated CYMEL® U-1051 Iso-butylated urea resins with fast cure and excellent compatibility. Request sample


Additives for your coating formulations
Technology Product Benefits Free sample request
Flow & leveling MODAFLOW® LAMBDA Unique polymeric hybrid acrylic-silicone leveling additive - achieving highest levels of DOI at 1/2 the dosage of traditional systems without free silicone. Request sample
Waterborne acrylic SETAQUA® 6302 A dispersion medium for TiO2 where compared to traditional dispersants, increased resistance to coffee staining can be expected in WB pigmented acrylic furniture topcoats. Request sample
Flow & Leveling ADDITOL® XW 6580 ADDITOL® XW 6580 is a leveling and substrate wetting agent based on polyether modified siloxane for waterborne and solventborne paint systems giving strong surface tension reduction without foam stabilization or increasing slip.  Request sample
Flow & Leveling ADDITOL® XL 480 Special modified acrylic leveling additive for high gloss and improved intercoat adhesion. Request sample
Drier ADDITOL® dry CF100/ CF200 The latest generation of cobalt-free paint driers that have been developed for universal usage, long-term storage stability and performance that is better than the cobalt containing products it replaces. Request sample


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