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Acrylate Crosslinkers

Acrylate Monomers

Acrylate monomers provide an environmentally friendly alternative to solvent.

Acrylate monomers can replace solvent in UV/EB curable formulations to provide the unique advantage of environmentally friendly, high to 100% solids, low VOC solutions. The choice of acrylate monomers vary in functionality including monofunctional, difunctional, trifunctional and higher functionality; by chemical structures including linear to branched, aliphatic to aromatic; and by many other chemical attributes to deliver high performing solutions that solve many application and performance challenges.

More specialized monomers include ethoxylated and propoxylated monomers can provide increased molecular weights and deliver improved flexibility, better cure speed and lower skin irritation.

From soft to hard, flexible to rigid, or environmental resistance, and many combinations of properties in between, acrylate monomers influence both the liquid properties and cured film properties to customize the solution.

allnex acrylate monomers are well suited for all UV/EB cure applications. With choice of monofunctional, di-functional or tri-functional and higher, these products are easy to use and can be combined in number of ways to customize the solution that best meets your application needs.

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EBECRYL® 117 is a hydroxy functional monoacrylate characterized by low odor, good adhesion and high reactivity. EBECRYL® 117 can be used in UV/EB cured coatings, inks and adhesives to low viscosity and increase flexibility.

EBECRYL® 118 is an aromatic monoacrylate that can be used as a reactive diluent in UV/EB cure coatings, inks and adhesives. EBECRYL® 118 can lower Tg and increase flexibility while maintain strength and toughness and improve substrate adhesion.

  • Improve adhesion

  • Significantly reduce viscosity

  • Imparts flexibility

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EBECRYL® MPDDA (3-METHYL-1,5-PENTANEDIOL DIACRYLATE) is a difunctional monomer with very low viscosity that can be used as a reactive diluent in UV/EB cure coatings, inks and adhesives. EBECRYL® MPDDA is particularly useful in inks and coatings where improved elasticity, weather and adhesion are desired in combination with excellent water resistance.
  • Improve resistance while maintaining flexibility

  • Reduce viscosity

  • Provide adhesion

  • Some are food packaging compliant


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Tri-functional and higher:

OTA® 480 is a label friendly trifunctional monomer based on a glycerol derivative that can be used as a reactive diluent in UV/EB cure coatings, inks and adhesives. OTA® 480 exhibits low viscosity and good flexibility for a trifunctional acrylate while its high functionality contributes to good reactivity and hardness.

EBECRYL® 896 is a low viscosity DPHA (DIPENTAERYTHRITOL PENTA/HEXAACRYLATE) composed primarily of pentaacrylate and hexaacrylate esters of dipentaerythritol. EBECRYL® 896 exhibits improved cure response, hardness and scratch/abrasion resistance and it is characterized by its low hydroxy and low acid values making it more conducive for applications sensitive to this, like lithographic (offset) print.

  • Significantly improve hardness and solvent resistance

  • Increase cure speed by can embrittle

  • Higher viscosity

  • Easier to meet food packaging regulations

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OTA 480


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