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Waterborne basecoats with the best brightness and flop

The demand for waterborne basecoat systems continues to grow not only because waterborne basecoats are much lower in VOC, but also due to the fact that they deliver improved appearance properties vs solventborne. This is especially true for waterborne basecoats based on allnex's best in class, polyurethane and acrylic dispersions. Our acrylic dispersions, like e.g. SETAQUA® 6801, feature outstanding rheology while our polyurethane dispersions, like e.g. DAOTAN® VTW 7064/36WA, demonstrate excellent stone chip, flexibility and humidity resistance combined with the unique ability to maintain rheological properties when blended with our acrylic dispersions. 

  • Best overall appearance
  • Outstanding metal orientation
  • Excellent stone chip resistance

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Waterborne basecoats with the best brightness and flop

The fastest dry with the longest potlife

Our SETALUX® FC (Fast Cure) acrylic polyol product range for clearcoats and primers enables the formulation of the fastest drying clearcoat systems in the industry while maintaining appearance and potlife. This product range increases your customer’s profitability via the benefit of improved body shop throughput.

  • Fast dry
  • Long Potlife
  • Excellent Appearance
The fastest dry with the longest potlife

Lightning speed spot repairs

UV auto refinish are more commonly in used for spot repairs in a body shop due to their curing speed and low VOC content. The quick repair on car body helps them to achieve faster throughput and shorten the process time vs a traditional one. Let's enter to a new era by introducing you to our UV dual cure, primer and clear coat resins.

  • Instant curing
  • Durability
  • Primer & Clearcoat
Lightning speed spot repairs

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