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Formulation toolbox 2K water based epoxy systems for concrete substrates


Looking to start formulating waterborne epoxy coatings for concrete? Our flooring experts have compiled a complete overview of our waterborne epoxy dispersions and amine hardeners. This technical bulletin will hand you the proper insights in how to formulate our products, including pigment dispersions, defoamers, rheology modifiers and flow and levelling agents. 

VOC industrial commercial flooring systems

  • Fast return to service
  • Excellent appearance
  • Long potlife

Ultra-low VOC industrial commercial flooring systems which allow rapid return to service coupled with a long pot-life and rapid cure are unique in the industry. At allnex, we have a specialized product range to meet contractor needs which includes use in food processing areas.

Aminos to accelerate cure of concrete

  • Glycoloril Crosslinker
  • Water-Soluble
  • Stable under acidic conditions

At allnex, we offer resins such as the CYMEL© 1172 - an unalkylated glycoloril crosslinker than can be used as an accelerator additive and useful for modifying the properties of concrete in cold conditions.

HPO polyols solutions

  • Fast return to service
  • Excellent appearance
  • Long potlife

High solids HPO based 2k and 3k commercial flooring systems have superior performance benefits when compared to 2k Epoxy systems. At allnex, we have a range of HPO polyols for both 2k high solids or solventless floor toppings and 3k waterbased systems for food & beverage processing facilities.

Waterbased 2K epoxy solutions

  • Fast return to service
  • User friendly
  • Stable performance during potlife
  • Low odor

In many regions, traditional low solids solvent based 2k epoxy systems used on floors can no longer be used. At allnex, we offer a superior range of  WB 2k epoxy solutions.

Return to service without return to gelled paint

  • Excellent hardness development
  • Non-Isocyanate
  • Long Potlife
  • Outstanding durability

ACURE™ delivers on its promises. This new and truly innovative, fast drying, higher solids, long potlife delivering system does it all without isocyanate. Let’s face it, you like fast dry but you don’t want short pot lives and wasted paint. ACURE™ provides the solution you need in a system that gives you the super fast hardness development you need to get back on your floor in the same day while also providing outstanding exterior durability and chemical resistance.

Garage floor or paver sealer – ACURE™ delivers

  • Excellent hardness development
  • Non-Isocyanate
  • Outstanding durability

ACURE™: this new and truly innovative, fast drying, higher solids, long potlife delivering system does it all and at the same time without isocyanate. Properly formulated ACURE will pass hot tire testing for your garage floor application or may be used as a highly durable exterior sealer.

Andrew, allnex Netherlands


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allnex product highlights

Concrete Coatings & Sealers

Layer Technology Product Benefits Free sample request
Mono layer 1k PU SETA® H 2959 Low yellowing and high flexibility one component moisture PU. Excellent moisture scavenger and suitable for sealants and coatings additives in topcoats. Request sample
Mono layer Acrylic copolymer emulsion UCECRYL® B1181 Efflorescence resistance and excellent against blocking with very low water uptake and can be used on fresh concrete. Request sample
Primers WB Epoxy resins BECKOPOX® 2384 Fast drying & hardness development, solvent free epoxy dispersion. Request sample
Primers WB epoxy hardeners BECKOCURE® EH 2100W/44 WA Fast drying, low odour and low VOC epoxy hardener for concrete. It is easy to formulate and provides excellent hardness, chemical resistance and water resistance for flooring applications. Request sample
Sealer/Topcoat WB UV EBECRYL® UC 7689 Excellent outdoor resistance, good flexibility and chemical resistance. Request sample
Top coat WB 1k Acrylic SETAQUA® 6754 Aqueous self crosslinking system suitable as topcoat for dense substrates. Enables high gloss topcoats for concrete and other (mineral) substrates with excellent resistance and overall properties. Request sample
Top coat WB 2K Acrylic MACRYNAL® SM6810 Glossy, high film build top coat with high chemical resistance and outdoor durability Request sample
Top coat WB 2K Acrylic MACRYNAL® SM 6826 Matte resin for high film build paint with high chemical and abrasion resistance. Can also be used directly on concrete. Request sample
Concrete - Self Levelling SB Hydrophobic Polyols SETATHANE® D 1160 Zero VOC polyols with high amount of renewable content which high flexibilty, toughness and lower hardness. Excellent crack bridging abilities and adhesion to various substrations.  Suitable for self levelling sports flooring and comfort flooring. Request sample
Concrete - Self Levelling WB Hydophobic Polyols  SETATHANE® D E 2671 VOC and APE free polyols based on modified Castor Oil polyols, emulsified in water. Some key properties include fast curing, superior chemical resistance, tolerance towards moisture in substrates, thermal (shock) resistance. Because of these properties, SETATHANE® D E emulsions are the resins to be used for 3-component PU/Cementitious based flooring systems in the Chemical-and Food Processing Industry. Request sample
Crosslinkers Amino Glycoloril CYMEL® 1172 Unalkylated glycoloril resin for accelerating concrete rate of cure. Request sample