Water-based melamine resin for high hardness & fast cure properties

  • Low formaldehyde release
  • Water Soluble
  • Fast cure response for rapid coating hardness development

CYMEL© 385 is a high imino melamine resins fully soluble in water that provides fast cure properties resulting in high film hardness and low formaldehyde release when curing.  The resin can be used as crosslinking agent in textile, non-woven and emulsion top coats in systems containing hydroxyl or amide functionality.

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Amino Crosslinkers for Encapsulation

Technology Product Benefits Free sample request
Amino Methylated High Imino Melamine

CYMEL® 385

High Imino resin, water soluble, very fast cure for water based systems, low formaldehyde release.

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Amino Melamine Methylated

CYMEL® 327

High Imino resin for fast cure response; good stability; does not require acid catalyst, low formaldehyde release.

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Amino Formaldehyde Free

CYMEL® NF 3030

Waterborne borne formaldehyde free crosslinker allowing for formulation of ultra-low VOC coating systems.

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