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Tooling and Moulding

An ultra fast tooling resin system

ULTRATEC™ Tooling is a rapid mould manufacturing system that delivers high quality, temperature resistant FRP moulds with unsurpassed dimensional stability and durability. Compared to conventional tooling products, this low shrink allnex resin system allows mould fabrication time to be reduced by up to 80%. Due to its rapid curing and excellent handling properties it allows a fast and reliable mould production. This resin system is suitable for the production of all types of laminated moulds ranging from pools, boat hulls to sanitary ware and transport components. 

  • low shrinkage
  • rapid production
  • excellent cosmetic finish
  • dimensional stability
An ultra fast tooling resin system

Precision is key in mould fabrication

One of the key products of our tooling system is a specially formulated, single component, unsaturated polyester based laminating resin that cures at room temperature. The ULTRATEC™ Lp Tooling Resin exhibits rapid cure and excellent handling properties allowing moulds to be produced within two days. The low shrinkage properties allow the exact reproduction of the plug with a perfect finish eliminating fibre print through on the gelcoat surface.

  • Pre-promoted
  • Colour change mechanism
  • Rapid cure
  • Low shrinkage
  • Low profile
Precision is key in mould fabrication

Durable and high gloss mould finish

Tooling gelcoats play a critical role in building long-lasting and quality mould surface finishes. The ULTRATEC VE Tooling Gelcoat is a vinyl ester based high performance gelcoat, specially formuated to minimize film porosity during application. It also provides excellent heat resistance and maximum protection against chemicals and solvents. The result is a long-lasting high gloss finish which will stand up to a large number of parts between each waxing and polishing operation. 

  • Excellent spraying
  • Good sag resistance
  • Low foaming formulation
  • Excellent flow
Durable and high gloss mould finish

Mould surface preparation

At allnex we stock a wide range of plug and mould surface preparation products to ensure the longevity of the mould and the production of high quality finished parts. Moulds must be carefully prepared ahead of each production to allow a problem free release of the finished part. For this reason, release agents act as an important barrier between the mould and the composite laminate. They come in many different formats such as wax or semi-permanent liquid release systems depending on the processing needs. 

  • Fast application
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Preventing pre-release
  • Eliminating gelcoat fisheyes
Mould surface preparation