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Introducing the next generation of pool gelcoats

  • Improved chemical & water resistance
  • Improved UV resistance
  • Increased colour retention

AQUAGUARD® X  Pool Gelcoats are specifically designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions.  They are high performance finishes for the manufacture of composite swimming pools exhibiting high durability, outstanding UV protection, weathering and chemical resistance properties.

We have extensively tested the AQUAGUARD® X range of products to ensure excellent chemical fade and UV resistance to ensure a longer lifespan for cosmetic and decorative finishes.

Protecting pool laminates from osmotic blistering

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Improved surface profile
  • Toughness
  • Versatility

Pool gelcoats can only provide optimum durability when used in combination with high quality tie-layer and laminating resins. Our ULTRATEC™ VE Tie-Layer resin is ideally suited for the construction of barrier laminates directly behind the gelcoat in swimming pool construction. The resin rich tie layer laminate provides excellent water and chemical resistance. It also improves the surface profile and the cosmetic appearance of the final part. 

Rapid cure laminating system for the surfboard market

  • Rapid curing
  • Low colour
  • Excellent clarity

Our market leading surfboard laminating resin has been specially formulated to provide rapid glass wetting properties and rapid cure following gelation. POLYPLEX™ Hi-Lite Surfboard Laminating Resin is a medium reactivity, orthophthalic based unsaturated polyester resin, designed for use in FRP surfboard manufacturing. It is a low colour product achieving excellent clarity in cured laminates. In addition, we also supply Aerialite™ reinforcement cloth to provide strength and impact resistance crucial to manufacturing high performance surfboards. 

The ultimate solution for concrete and fibreglass pool resurfacing

  • Gloss retention
  • Rapid air release
  • Excellent flow
  • Good sag resistance
  • Chemical & UV resistance

Due to the harsh effects of the sun and use of chemicals, swimming pool surfaces can deteriorate over time. As a result of an extensive research and development program this is no longer a problem. Our FIBRETECH Pool Resurfacing Range has been formulated to offer a superior solution for the refurbishment of both concrete and fibreglass constructed pools. The range consists of four products: a vinyl ester primer for concrete pools, a vinyl ester tie-layer resin, a vinyl ester fillcoat, and a high quality topcoat based on our Aquaguard™ technology.

Light weight sporting goods from kayaks to skis, fishing rods and goal posts

  • Light weight
  • Durability
  • Flexibility

Composite materials are ideal for use in a wide range of sporting goods. This is due to the high strength-to-weight ratio, excellent durability properties and design flexibility. We offer a vast array of products to this market including Vinyl Ester, Epoxy and Polyester resins, AQUAGUARD™ and NUTECH™ Gelcoats and Flowcoats in a variety of colours. In addition, we also supply a range of core materials, fillers, putties and reinforcements such as E-Glass, Kevlar and carbon fibres suitable for the production of high end products.

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