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Additives at allnex Achieves New Levels with Partnership in Brazil

Nov 17, 2020 Corporate
Ponta Grossa, Brazil, São Paulo, Brazil / November 17th 2020 – allnex is pleased to announce a joint partnership with Forscher of a recent agreement to enhance both product and service offerings of allnex’s Additives Product Line in Brazil.
Under this  agreement, Forscher will become the main distributor for allnex’s Additives Product Line in Brazil, leveraging the advanced synergies between both companies to improve both the product and technology reach of allnex’s Additives to a wide range of customers.
Forscher, a Brazilian company operating as a Distributor of Specialty Chemicals in the region, will now be an strategic partner of allnex towards marketing, promotion, distribution and commercialization of allnex’s Additives that comprises an extensive portfolio of products utilized in coatings such as Wetting and Dispersing Additives; Flow and Leveling Additives; Defoamer and Deaerater; Rheology Modifier; Driers;​​ Catalysts; Specialty Additives; ​Powder coating additives and Radcure  (UV/EB)  additives.
For more information, we invite you to Contact Us or visit our Additive Finder on the allnex website to view our broad range of Additives.