Flow & Leveling


Get remarkably beautiful finishes with flow and levelling additives

  • Prevent and correct fisheyes & orange peel
  • Enhanced color & gloss
  • Ensure superior surface qualities and appearance

Flow and leveling are two attributes that significantly determine the aesthetics of a coating or rather the surface of a coating. The results of poor surface flow may be fisheyes, brush marks or other surface defects. Thus, flow modifiers such as allnex’ MODAFLOW® Lambda are added to a formula to ensure superior surface qualities. Leveling agents, too, ensure a nice, optimal coating finish – that is why they are crucial for optimizing paint appearance. For example, poor leveling may result in an orange peel effect, dull colors and unwanted matte looks. Such results are for instance fundamental in the automotive industry as car paint relies on the use of one of the Modaflow products for a perfect, glossy coating surface.

A new workhorse additive for Flow and Level properties

  • Optimized surface appearance and clarity
  • Very effective at low dosage levels 0.3 – 0.5%
  • FDA compliant
  • Broad Technology Compatibility: 2K APO’s, Alkyd/melamine, Polyesters, and PUR solventborne resin systems

ADDITOL® XL 481 is specifically engineered additive for flow and leveling properties.  It has been designed to be a highly efficient additive that has premium performance; but not at a premium cost.     This new additive that has been launched for global use was designed to be compatible across a broad range of solventborne binder technologies.  One of the more important benefits of this efficient additive it is FDA complaint all while maximizing performance and cost in use.  

The most versatile flow and leveling agents for premium finishes

  • Easy to incorporate
  • Excellent compatibility
  • Silicone-free or silicone-containing solutions
  • Great gloss, brilliancy, & appearance properties
  • Waterborne & solventborne applications

MODAFLOW® is allnex’ distinct product line for premium finishes in any application. These flow and leveling additives provide you with the right solution for all solventborne and waterborne applications. The MODAFLOW® additive line has both silicone-free and silicone-containing flow and leveling agents making it easy for you to find the right leveling or flow additive for your formulation needs. Because of the product line’s great versatility, you will benefit from outstanding performance and appearance properties.


Need a powerful flow modifier that is highly compatible in all non-aqueous applications?

  • Easy to incorporate
  • Improved DOI & gloss
  • Used in easy to clean applications
  • Perfectly suited for solventborne systems

MODAFLOW® LAMBDA is our newest addition to the MODAFLOW® series. It is a unique hybrid polymer additive for optimized film properties in demanding markets. It is a unique acrylic-silicone flow promoter combining efficiencies from high-end acrylic as well as silicone leveling performance. This flow modifier is highly compatible in all non-aqueous clear coat and topcoat formulations and enhances surface characteristics such as gloss, DOI, sharpness and brilliancy, and orange-peel. These benefits make MODAFLOW® LAMBDA the perfect paint flow additive for industrial metal & wood, marine & protective, vehicle refinish and automotive OEM.


Want to get rid of costly defects like craters?

  • Optimized appearance
  • For all solventborne systems
  • Improved edge coverage
  • FDA-approved

ADDITOL® XL 480 is silicone free but still provides a premium appearance while preventing costly defects like craters. It may be used with any type of solventborne paint system. This leveling agent easily enhances the surface quality and is suited for paint, coatings, and performance applications. ADDITOL® XL 480 shows great compatibility and is suited for applications like automotive OEM, industrial, coil coated, & pre-coated metal, or industrial wood.


Get good substrate wetting and slip in radiation curable applications

  • For smooth, tack free surfaces
  • Good blocking resistance
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Faster cycle time & long potlife

EBECRYL® 350 and EBECRYL® 1360 from our EBECRYL® radiation curable product line are both co-polymerisable silicone derivatives that provide enhanced substrate wetting and slip.  Both flow and leveling additives can be used in formulations cured by UV or EB; though EBECRYL® 1360 excels best in coating smoothness when EB cured. Being radiation curable makes both additives environmentally friendly as curing requires less heat and energy, plus, they emit low/zero VOC.



Benefit from leveling and wetting properties combined in one additive

  • Improved appearance & edge-coverage
  • Anti-float properties
  • Reduced surface preparation
  • Good compatibility

Yet more great examples of our leveling agents are ADDITOL® XW 395 & ADDITOL® XW 6580. Both of them can also be used as wetting additives; thus, improved appearance and edge coverage are part of their final product advantages. While ADDITOL® XW 395 works as an anti-floating agent for waterborne paint systems, ADDITOL® XW 6580 gives strong surface tension to both waterborne and solventborne systems without the need for foam stabilization.



Marco, Allnex Austria

TSBD Manager Additives

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allnex product highlights

Coating Additives

Technology Product Benefits Free sample request
LRA ADDITOL® VXW 6396 Special Fluor acrylate substrate wetting, silicone free. Request sample

Highly efficient flow and leveling additive that has been developed to optimize film properties while limiting quality issues caused by film cratering.

Special modified acrylic leveling additive for high gloss and improved intercoat adhesion.

Request sample
LRA ADDITOL® XW 395 Wet through those difficult-to-adhere-to substrates and realize superior leveling with this silicone free flow and leveling additive in all waterborne applications. Request sample
LRA ADDITOL® XW 6580 ADDITOL® XW 6580 is a leveling and substrate wetting agent based on polyether modified siloxane for waterborne and solventborne paint systems giving strong surface tension reduction without foam stabilization or increasing slip. Request sample
LRA MODAFLOW® AQ 3025 MODAFLOW AQ-3025 provides outstanding surface appearance in waterborne paint systems. FDA approved, this additive enables reduced levels of pigment dispersant. Request sample
LRA MODAFLOW® LAMBDA Unique hybrid polymer flow additive for improved DOI, gloss, brilliancy and appearance. Request sample


A highly effective additive used for flow and leveing that has the added benefit of also providing degassing for SB and 100% solids systems. Request sample
LRA MODAFLOW® 9200 Best-in-class crosslinkable acrylic leveling additive for solvent borne 1K and 2K base and top coats. Excellent outdoor & chemical durability. Request sample
Radcure EBECRYL® 350 Copolymerisable silicone derivative providing good substrate wetting and slip. Request sample
Radcure EBECRYL® 1360 Copolymerisable silicone derivative providing good substrate wetting and slip, mainly recommended for EB curing. Request sample
Radcure MODAFLOW® Silicone-free anti-foam agent for screen printing. Request sample
Radcure MODAFLOW® 9200 Silicone-free levelling agent with excellent compatibility. Request sample


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