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Need premium appearance? We've got it.

  • Optimized Appearance
  • Superior Flow and Leveling

Our MODAFLOW® line of additives is a brand well known in the industry, and has been used by formulators for decades when optimized film properties are demanded. Utilized in the right order, at the right time and at the right levels, additives can help improve the appearance and durability of a coating, the flow of paints and inks, the efficiency of the manufacturing process, and even the sustainability of formulations.The allnex MODAFLOW® line of flow and levelling additives is especially versatile, adding value to powder coatings and solventborne coatings as well as inks.


The newest innovation to allnex’s MODAFLOW® product line

  • Improved DOI and Gloss
  • Used in easy to clean applications
  • Solventborne Systems

MODAFLOW® LAMBDA is a unique hybrid polymer additive for optimized film properties in demanding markets. It is a unique acrylic-silicone polymer hybrid technology flow promoter combining individual efficiencies from high-end acrylic as well as silicone leveling performance. It is highly compatible in all non-aqueous clear coat and topcoat formulations and outperforms surface characteristics such as gloss, DOI, sharpness and brilliancy, and anti orange-peel effect.


The industry standard for premium finishes

  • Optimized Appearance
  • All solventborne Systems
  • FDA-approved

ADDITOL® XL 480 is silicone free but still provides a premium appearance while preventing  costly defects like craters, and may be used with any type of paint material.

Marco, Allnex Austria

TSBD Manager Additives

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allnex product highlights

Coating Additives

Technology Product Benefits Free sample request
LRA ADDITOL® VXW 6396 Special Fluor acrylate substrate wetting, silicone free. Request sample

Highly efficient flow and leveling additive that has been developed to optimize film properties while limiting quality issues caused by film cratering.

Special modified acrylic leveling additive for high gloss and improved intercoat adhesion.

Request sample
LRA ADDITOL® XW 395 Wet through those difficult-to-adhere-to substrates and realize superior leveling with this silicone free flow and leveling additive in all waterborne applications. Request sample
LRA ADDITOL® XW 6580 ADDITOL® XW 6580 is a leveling and substrate wetting agent based on polyether modified siloxane for waterborne and solventborne paint systems giving strong surface tension reduction without foam stabilization or increasing slip. Request sample
LRA MODAFLOW® AQ 3025 MODAFLOW AQ-3025 provides outstanding surface appearance in waterborne paint systems. FDA approved, this additive enables reduced levels of pigment dispersant. Request sample
LRA MODAFLOW® LAMBDA Unique hybrid polymer flow additive for improved DOI, gloss, brilliancy and appearance. Request sample


A highly effective additive used for flow and leveing that has the added benefit of also providing degassing for SB and 100% solids systems. Request sample
LRA MODAFLOW® 9200 Best-in-class crosslinkable acrylic leveling additive for solvent borne 1K and 2K base and top coats. Excellent outdoor & chemical durability. Request sample
Radcure EBECRYL® 350 Copolymerisable silicone derivative providing good substrate wetting and slip. Request sample
Radcure EBECRYL® 1360 Copolymerisable silicone derivative providing good substrate wetting and slip, mainly recommended for EB curing. Request sample
Radcure MODAFLOW® Silicone-free anti-foam agent for screen printing. Request sample
Radcure MODAFLOW® 9200 Silicone-free levelling agent with excellent compatibility. Request sample