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allnex Introduces New CRYLCOAT® Powder Coating Resins

Apr 20, 2015 Innovation
“Our customers can rely on these alnex products for their advanced outdoor metal coating requirements.” Robert Watson, Global Marketing & New Business Development Manager

Brussels – allnex introduces a new range of CRYLCOAT® Powder Coating Resins for high corrosion protection on untreated and pre-treated metal for agricultural, construction and earthmoving (ACE) equipment, as well as architectural and industrial applications.

These five new allnex products are specially designed to offer improved corrosion resistance when applied either direct-to-metal or on pre-treated metal.  The systems are available for both HAA and TGIC hardeners for Class 1 and Class 2 weathering resistance.

allnex’s new Powder Coating Resins include:
• CRYLCOAT E 04327 and CRYLCOAT E 04484 superdurable resins for ACE powder coating applications
• CRYLCOAT 2653-3 for architectural powder coating applications  
• CRYLCOAT E 04339 and CRYLCOAT E 04417 for industrial powder coating applications

Robert Watson about allnex’ new powder coating resins

“These new CRYLCOAT resins are uniquely designed to meet industry standards for corrosion protection of untreated or semi pre-treated metal surfaces used in market segments such as ACE, architectural and general industrial metal,” states Robert Watson, Global Marketing & New Business Development Manager, allnex Powder Coating Resins.  “Our customers can rely on these allnex products for their advanced outdoor metal coating requirements.”

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Who is allnex

allnex is a leader in the powder coating resin market, offering a reliable supply of a broad range of quality products from our global manufacturing footprint. Our dedicated team of experts helps customers solve their powder coating challenges, while our innovation efforts concentrate on novel surface finishes and reducing overall costs.

To learn more about allnex’s wide range of resins for coatings, which include well-known brands ADDITOL®, BECKOPOX™, CRYLCOAT®, CYMEL®, DAOTAN™, DUROYXN, EBECRYL®, MACRYNAL®, RESYDROL®, SYNTHACRYL®, SETAPOLL®, UCECOAT®, UVECOAT®VIACRYL® and others, visit the product finder.

Powder coatings – high performance meets durability

Powder coatings are a special type of coating. Unlike other coatings, they are electrostatically applied as a dry powder and not in a liquid state. The result is a tough and durable finish, with the advantage that a much thicker coating can be applied compared to liquid, retaining a smooth and texture-free finish without running or sagging.

allnex’ new resins enable high performance powder coatings and improve the overall powder coating durability.

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