allnex unveils new ECOWISE™ CHOICE sustainable product portfolio

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                                               allnex ECOWISE™ CHOICE resin portfolio for buildings and decorative applications

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allnex ECOWISE™ CHOICE portfolio is a selection of products having optimal end use performance and meeting stringent environmental, health and safety requirements in the industry.
ECOWISE™ CHOICE products are assessed along the five sustainability pillars of allnex:
  • safer materials
  • air emissions
  • circular economy
  • energy efficiency
  • ​renewable sourcing
ECOWISE™ CHOICE is especially designed to deliver the greatest combined value for our customers, the society and the environment. It is a testament to our pledge to pursue a more sustainable future with our stakeholders – to be ECOWISE together-


"Sustainable Portfolio Management is the keystone of our Sustainability Program, it enables us to steer our product offering and innovation pipeline in line with the sustainability needs of the market. It will enable us to support our customers, end-markets, and stakeholders” 
Benoit De Becker
VP Strategy & Innovation


ECOWISE™ CHOICE is the outcome of applying best practices of Sustainable Portfolio Management to our business. In setting up the methodology, process and guidelines we have closely followed the recommendations provided by World Business Council for Sustainable Development.  KPMG Sustainability analysed our Sustainability Portfolio Management methodology, which helped us to identify key areas in our process, governance structure and methodology to focus on for a continuous improvement approach.

ECOWISE™ CHOICE technologies for Living Spaces

Following the successful launch of the portfolio for Industrial Wood applications,  
we broaden our offering with an ECOWISE CHOICE product range for Building and Decorative applications. Both product ranges offer a complete portfolio of green technologies including water borne, UV curable, powders and formaldehyde-free crosslinking solutions, designed to improve indoor air quality, make our living spaces healthier and extend longevity. Furthermore, the increased interest on the use of sustainable raw materials, as well as resins with renewable or recycled content, is central to the ECOWISE™ CHOICE selection criteria.  ECOWISE CHOICE portfolio is a premium offering based on the principles of sustainability and performance



Product Technology  Chemistry  Application  Benefits Free sample request
CYMEL® NF 3030 Crosslinkers Formaldehyde free, waterbased crosslinker Suitable for furniture and deck stains/wood care Highly suitable for impregnation of hard woods, excellent flow, uniform staining in flow coats Request sample
CRYLCOAT® 4420-0 Powder coating resins Polyester Architectural aluminium extrusions  Resin for matte dry blend superdurable systems in combination with CRYLCOAT 4641-0.  Request sample
CRYLCOAT® 4655-2 Powder coating resins Polyester Architectural aluminium extrusions  Fast curing superdurable.  Can replace up to 30% of low bake standard durable HAA resins to improve blooming resistance, outdoor durability and reactivity. Request sample
EBECRYL® 4690 100% UV Aliphatic urethane acrylate  Topcoats for furniture, wood flooring, joinery and sidings Outstanding outdoor durability, good reactivity for producing hard and tough coatings  Request sample
SETAQUA® 6719 Waterborne Acrylic dispersion, surfactant free Primer and Topcoats for furniture Excellent blocking resistance, good in-can and dry film clarity, good sandability and  colour stability Request sample
SETAQUA® 6799 Waterborne Acrylic dispersion, surfactant free Primer and Topcoats for joinery and deck stain/ wood care Excellent blocking resistance when applied in thick films, good transparency and non-yellowing properties. Good outdoor durability and dirt pickup resistance, long open time Request sample
UCECOAT® 7999 Waterborne UV Polyurethane dispersion Primer and Topcoats for furniture and wood flooring Easy film formation without co-solvent use, high reactivity, physically drying, perfect use in white and clear coats for wood furniture and parquets Request sample