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PC-2544™ Defoamer

PC-2544™ - anti foam/air release/petrochemical defoamer - Defoamer is a 40 % solution of an acrylic polymer in a hydrocarbon solvent. It was developed to improve the defoamer stability performance for formulated Group I and Group II lubricants.

  • Regions

    Asia except China; Australia & New Zealand; Europe, Middle East and Africa; Greater China; Latin America; North America

  • Product Group


  • Market Applications

    Additives; Performance Additives

  • Segment Applications

    Paint & Coatings; Performance Applications

  • Chemistry

    Additives; Defoamers

  • Technology


  • Formulation Advantages

    Good compatibility

    Shear stability

  • Application Advantages

    Long potlife

  • Final Product Advantages

    Good balance of properties

  • Green Attributes

    APEO free

    Benzyl Alcohol free

    BPA- Bis Phenol A free

    Cobalt free

    Formaldehyde free

    Isocyanate free

    Low Formaldehyde

    Low free monomeric amine, lower sensitization risk and less harmful for environment

    NMP free

    Organo Tin free

    Tin free

    TMA free

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