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DAOTAN® VTW 6462/36WA is an aqueous dispersion of an aliphatic urethane-acryl-hybrid, self cross-linking, solvent and emulsifier free. This polyurethane emulsion was designed to formulate coating systems for various plastics such as ABS, PA, rigid PVC, flexible PVC and PMMA. Aqueous primers and base coats can be formulated.
Regions Asia except China; Europe, Middle East and Africa; Greater China; Latin America; North America
Product Group Waterborne PU Dispersions
Market Applications Automotive OEM; Specialty Coatings
Segment Applications Paint & Coatings
Chemistry Polyurethane
Technology Waterborne resins
Formulation Advantages Shear stability
Good pigment wetting properties
Good compatibility
Final Product Advantages Improved chemical resistance
Improved mechanical resistance
Green Attributes Low/zero VOC