Dispersants & Wetting


allnex’ wetting & dispersing additives

  • Enhanced pigment dispersion
  • Great flow & levelling properties
  • Prevention of uncontrolled flocculation
  • Stable & durable
  • Prevent sagging

Our dispersant & wetting additives can be applied where exceptional flow and leveling of a paint or ink film are desired. A prominent example is paint, where color particles need to be evenly distributed to guarantee perfect coloration, and other pigmented coatings. Dispersant and wetting agents combine the desired properties of both wetting agents and dispersing agents. Furthermore, our portfolio contains both ionic & non-ionic agents – we’ve got the right additives for your chemical solutions!

Need critical performance in your coatings?

  • Universal pigment usage
  • Highly efficient dispersing
  • Improved water spotting & immersion performance
  • Recommended for WB epoxies, alkyd and acrylic resin based systems

ADDITOL® VXW 6208 is a dispersing additive for organic and inorganic pigments and extenders. The binder-free pigment paste is used in waterborne alkyd and acrylic paint formulations, e.g. gloss and silk finish emulsion paints. Like ADDITOL® VXW 6208 its modification VXW 6208/60 comes with polar solvent dilution in non-aqueous applications.



Want to get to know our dispersant and wetting secrets in grinding resin?

  • Improved appearance & gloss potential
  • Outstanding weather durability
  • High pigment loading
  • Solvent and waterborne systems

ADDITOL® XW 6565 is a universal, glycol-free, polymeric multifunctional grinding resin that has been specially developed for the production of low-VOC point-of-sale (POS) and in-plant colorants. ADDITOL® XW 6575 on the other hand is a special grinding resin for Automotive OEM basecoat systems. Both products are also Eco-label compliant for outdoor and indoor paints and provide excellent color performance.


Reduce costs in wall paints & aqueous applications with ADDITOL® XW 330

  • Improved color stability
  • Improved application without sagging
  • Balance between cost-efficiency and performance
  • Low/zero VOC

Do you need a wetting & dispersing agent that is both suitable for extenders and inorganic pigments in aqueous paint systems? ADDITOL® XW 330 is our cost-efficient dispersant & wetting agent for such applications and can be used to stabilize emulsions for improved color stability and less sagging.


The solution to all your desires in dispersant & wetting agents

  • Improved appearance & gloss potential
  • Higher pigment loading
  • Shear stability
  • Dissolver & pearl mill qualified

Our ADDITOL® Wetting and Dispersant  line contains anionic, cationic and neutral wetting & dispersing agents for both organic and inorganic pigments. Thus, it will definitely contain the solution you’re seeking. The ADDITOL® portfolio of Dispersants and Wetting Agents contribute  enhanced appearance properties as they provide paint with higher pigment loading with improved gloss potential. They innovative  pigment wetting properties deliver perfect finishes and outstanding performance.


Our innovative offering to our distinguished dispersion line

  • easy to incorporate
  • inorganic pigments dispersant
  • solvent and waterborne systems

ADDITOL XL 6577 is an innovative highly efficient dispersant designed for use with inorganic pigments such as TiO2. Using the ADDITOL XL 6577, it is possible to formulate cost-effective, weather-resistant, high-concentration solvent-based pigment pastes that enable formulation of a wide range of high-performing, solventborne industrial coatings.


High wetting power to enhance your UV systems

  • High gloss & high color strength
  • Prevents settling of pigments/extenders
  • For UV cured metal applications
  • Solvent and waterborne systems

Alongside our ADDITOL® we’ve also got a great dispersing & wetting agent for solvent-free and solvent-based UV systems: EBECRYL® 331. This low molecular weight UV curable additive is specifically recommended for use in metallic formulations due to its great stabilization properties of aluminum flakes. Did you know? EBECRYL® 331 enables high color strength in UV curable applications due to its great wetting power!


Benefit from high performance with our dispersant for 2K Paint systems

  • High pigment loading
  • BPA-free
  • High gloss potential
  • Direct to metal application

ADDITOL® VXL 6212 is a high performative, cationic resin-like wetting agent that is both suitable for inorganic and organic systems as well as carbon black. The highly efficient additive’s great dispersing properties make it the right choice for 2K Paint  Systems in industrial metal, marine & protective, and vehicle refinish.


Marco, Allnex Austria

TSBD Manager Additives

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allnex product highlights

Coating Additives Dispersing

Product Benefits Free sample request
ADDITOL® UVX 7301/65 TPGDA Highly efficient dispersant for inorganic pigments - high loading at low viscosities. Request sample
ADDITOL® VXL 6212 High performance dispersant for 2K refinish systems - for organic pigments and carbon black. Request sample
ADDITOL® VXW 6208 Best in class non ionic pigment dispersant for all pigment natures. Request sample
ADDITOL® VXW 6208/60 Like ADDITOL® VXW 6208 with polar solvent dilution for better incorporation in non aqueous systems. Request sample
ADDITOL® XL 250 ADDITOL® XL 250 has excellent adhesion to aluminum and provides excellent protection against aluminum oxidation. Request sample
ADDITOL® XL 255N Special dispersant for improved organic pigment stabilization and reduced additive dosage. Request sample
ADDITOL® XL 6521 High performance dispersant for non aqueous organic pigments and carbon black. Request sample
ADDITOL® XL 6577 Newly developed additive designed for highly efficient dispersion of TiO2 and other inorganic pigments in solventborne systems. Developed to be the most efficient product in the market when used to develop VOC sensitive coatings. Request sample
ADDITOL® XW 6565 ADDITOL® XW 6565 is a universal grinding medium that has been specially developed for the production of low-VOC point-of-sale (POS) and in-plant colorants. It shows industry leading performance optimized for pigment loading, outstanding weather durability, and excellent color performance. Request sample
ADDITOL® XW 6575 Special grinding medium for OEM basecoat systems. Request sample
ADDITOL® XL 270 ADDITOL® XL 270 is a highly efficient pigment wetting agent that enables improved viscosity of your coatings at low shear forces. It is the solution when particle size and density are the reasons for bad rub-out results with your highly loaded coating. Request sample
ADDITOL® XW 330 Cost efficient dispersant for wall paints. Request sample
EBECRYL® 331 High wetting power (to achieve high gloss and high colour strength), prevents settling of pigments/entenders, good levelling properties, recommended specifically for use in metallic formulations (very good stabilization of aluminium flakes). Request sample


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