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Targeting Sustainability at allnex

Apr 25, 2019 Corporate
"As Sustainability is such a crucial part of what allnex stands for, we felt it was important to state publically our goals over the next few years." Michela Fusco, Head of Sustainability

FRANKFURT, (April 24, 2019) - allnex, a leading supplier of specialty chemicals, offering a broad range of coating resins, additives and crosslinkers for use on wood, metal, plastic and other surfaces, is excited to publically announce its Sustainability targets.

Sustainability is a commitment to our stakeholders and a key part of our continued success. We embrace this responsibility and stay focused and dedicated to pursuing a greener and more sustainable future together with our customers and suppliers, as every single one of us has a tremendous responsibility to protect the planet in which we all live.

At allnex, we are committed to contributing to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals (UNSDG), and have implemented targets for our company as a whole to meet through 2023. We’ve taken the time to listen to our customers and the markets we operate in, and want to show our commitment to Sustainability by publically announcing our goals:

  • We will dedicate annually 90% of corporate product development resources to projects making a positive impact on the environment
  • We will reduce non-renewable energy purchases by 15% in 5 years, measured by consumption per ton of product
  • We will produce >40% of production volume under ISO50001 certification by 2023

In addition, we have committed to set the basis in 2019 for taking further steps in making an ongoing sustainable impact:

  • We will map sustainable sourcing options for renewable, recycled and lower carbon footprint materials
  • We will implement sustainable product portfolio management practices
  • We will develop a waste & water consumption tracking system

To kick-off our Sustainability initiative, allnex held a global Primavera Day on March 21, 2019. Primavera Day was a day of celebration at allnex, signifying a renewed focus on sustainability for every allnex location around the world.

“As Sustainability is such a crucial part of what allnex stands for, we felt it was important to state publically our goals over the next few years,” says Michela Fusco, Head of Sustainability at allnex. “Our objective for the Primavera Day celebration was to involve every employee at allnex and demonstrate how we can all contribute to Sustainability. We’re proud that just one month after Primavera Day we’re able to provide concrete examples of our commitment.”

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