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Allnex Experts Elected as RadTech SA Technical Directors

Mar 1, 2019 Corporate
Demetrius Fabbrini, Account Sales Manager Radcure and Pamila De Melo, Application RAD Coordinator, have been elected as Technical Directors for RadTech South America.

Alpharetta, GA (Feb. 28, 2019) – allnex, the leading supplier of specialty chemicals, offering a broad range of coating resins, additives and crosslinkers for use on wood, metal, plastic and other surface is pleased to announce that Demetrius Fabbrini, Account Sales Manager Radcure, and Pamila De Melo, Application RAD Coordinator, have been elected as Technical Directors for RadTech South America.

RadTech South America was formed in August 2006, based on an operational agreement between ATBCR (Brazilian Association of Radiation Curing) and RadTech International North America. RadTech itself is a non-profit organization founded in 1993 and is dedicated to providing info and support to companies, entities and professionals involved in UV (ultraviolet) and EB (electron beam) energy curing.

As Technical Directors, Demetrius and Pamila have the responsibility of assisting and guiding those from any industry to finding what they need in the technology. For example, if a company is developing a new line application and plan to use UV/EB Technology, the Tech Directors expertise allows them to offer advice and assistance of which machines, inks, application conditions, etc. are needed to meet their goals.

In addition, Demetrius and Pamila will also be helping with RadTech South America’s outreach to other regions.

Congrats to Demetrius and Pamila on this great achievement!

About Demetrius Fabbrini:
Demetrius has been working in the Resins, Polymers, Chemicals and Petrochemicals marketing for over 20 years. A member of the allnex team for almost 18 years, Demetrius brings a wide variety of experience and knowledge to the industry with and MBA in Business Management and a degree in Financial Mathematics. For more information on Demetrius, please click here.

About Pamila De Melo:
Pamila has been with the allnex family for almost 4 years, and brings with her a BSc in Chemical Engineering plus being a Specialist in Management of Quality in Products and Processes. Her deep knowledge in UV Technology, Graphic Arts & Energy Curable Resins is a great asset. For more information on Pamila, please click here.